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Square Open Top Lifting Bags

Square Open Top Lifting Bags

These square open top lifting bags come in a choice of volumes from 75 litres up to 320 litres, and a choice of base and connection options.

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About Square Open Top Lifting Bags

The sturdy construction of these square and rectangular lifting bags is further enhanced by the 2 removable rigid side walls. They slide inside the two skins of wall material, so they will remain in place. The side panels are opposite each other and help to provide more structure to the bag as well as added protection against sharp objects.

A further benefit to using the hard walls is that it makes it much easier to load and unload the bag. Additional plastic sheets can be added to the two remaining walls to turn the bag into a type of rigid bin for even better protection and stability.

When the rigid walls are removed the bag will fold down into the base for compact storage.

Apart from the 90l & 105 litre options all square open top lifting bags have two side handles. These have a maximum load capacity of 30kg each and are therefore not intended to lift a fully loaded bag. They are designed to help guide the bag around obstacles for example and for carrying when empty.

Just like all the other lifting bags we supply the lifting sling complies to the necessary standards. It is passed through the sling channels around the bag forming a basket type hitch. Together with the internal rigid base plate and sling channels the sling remains in the optimum position for spreading the forces of the load and lift.

Another benefit to this system is that the sling can be easily inspected as it can be slipped around through the channels to visually check all areas.

Rectangular lifting bag with open top options.

It is a good idea to add additional protection to the underside of the lifting bag to help protect against wear. There are two options – the first is a hard base tray made from 5mm thick durable plastic. Ideal when used on concrete flooring for example. The second option is for a soft boot cover, this is made from lightweight PVC. This is the cheapest option and suitable for light duty tasks.

For connecting the bag to a hoist there are a number of options which include wear sleeves to enable using a larger hook; ferrous steel or stainless steel master links or stainless steel delta rings. You can find the options available for each size of bag in the specification tab above.

More Lifting Options

When using lifting bags  whether open top or closed top, round or square,  other lifting equipment is normally required. Hooks, shackles and slings spring to mind as well a a lifting hoist which could be a manual chain block or an electric hoist. Here at Lifting Gear Direct we can supply for all your lifting needs, right down to manufacturing a bespoke lifting gantry or Jib crane in our own factory to suit your specific requirements.

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