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1 Person Forklift Safety Cage Contact WP Series

1 Person Forklift Safety Cage Contact WP Series

Safety cage for fitting to a forklift truck. This is perfect for raising 1 person to required height in a safe way. More working at height safety options available
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About the 1 Person Forklift Safety Cage Contact WP Series 

The WP series from Contact include 3 different models of safety cages for forklift truck mounting and is PM28 compliant.

The WP-SP incorporates a lift up bar for easy access

The WP-Economy has through bars for access that you climb through

The WP-SPG incorporates an inward opening front gate with automatic locking for the easiest access.

Offering a safe and convenient way for occasional tasks that need to be carried out at heights, such as maintenance, inspections and even bulb replacement in high buildings.

All models incorporate:

  • safety locking system to the fork heels
  • kick rail on all sides to prevent losing tools
  • perforated mesh barrier between forklift moving parts for extra safety
  • anti-slip floor tread with drainage holes
  • full length fork pockets
  • harness anchorage points.

More Safety Cages

We have a number of other safety cage models available including a 2 person design for a forklift truck. A raised height model a folding cage and a couple of crane slung safety cages for multiple people. Browse the full range to see what each model has to offer to find your ideal safety platform. We can also supply numerous items of height safety equipment including harnesses, lanyards, connectors, kits and fall arrestors should you need them.

Model Weight (KG) C of G No of people Capacity (KG) A mm B mm C mm D mm E mm 
WP-SP 74 300mm 1 300 800 800 794 1860 1070
WP-ECONOMY 90 425mm 1 500 1000 1000 794 1860 1070
WP-SPG  99 427mm 1 300 1000 1000 794 1860 1070


WP Series 1 Person Forklift Safety Cage dimensions

Model Means of entry Length x width (mm) Max fork size mm Fork spread mm 
WP-SP Lift up bar 800x800 150x50 794
WP-ECONOMY Lift up bar 1000x1000 150x50 794
WP-SPG  Front gate  1000x1000 150x50 794