Industrial toe jack GTITJ

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Industrial Toe Jack GTITJ

Industrial Toe Jack GTITJ

 With 4 models to choose from and a top 15000kg toe lifting capacity the GTITJ Industrial toe jack series is a heavy duty hydraulic lifting solution.

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About the Industrial Toe Jack – GTITJ Series

When you need to lift really heavy loads a short distance from the ground and there is no power supply hydraulic lifting equipment is the way to go.

These toe jacks have a minimum 18mm toe height (smallest model GTIT2.5) so they can slide under particularly small spaces. This model has a maximum toe lifting height of 130mm which doesn't seem very far, however it should be far enough to insert other equipment to hold or lift the load further. The largest model in the range, the GTITJ15 has a minimum toe height of 32mm and a maximum height of 200mm. You can find out more technical details in the specification table.

The GTITJ range benefits from overload protection and a spring assisted return with over-travel protection. The pumping lever is removable and used in the socket for lifting and the valve release for lowering. Each unit is marked with capacity and traceable code. (certification available)

Other Hydraulic Lifting Solutions

Lifting Gear Direct has a great selection of hydraulic lifting equipment including some different choices of toe jacks. Hydraulic cylinders are another option to consider especially the low profile pad cylinders is space is limited. Other types of hydraulic lifting gear we can supply include pumps, tools and hydraulic fittings to compliment them.

Model Toe Capacity Head Capacity Minimum toe height Maximum toe height Minimum Head height Maximum Head Height L x W Weight
GTITJ2.5 2500kg 5000kg 18mm 130mm 235mm 362mm 60 x 34mm 10kg
GTITJ5 5000kg 10000kg 25mm 148mm 295mm 418mm 74 x 56mm 24kg
GTITJ10 10000kg 20000kg 32mm 173mm 330mm 471mm 102 x 67mm 38kg
GTITJ15 15000kg 30000kg 32mm 200mm 344mm 520mm 122 x 72mm 50kg