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3 tonne round sling

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3 Tonne Round Sling

3 Tonne Round Sling

3 tonne round slings up to 6 metres in length available from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the 3 Tonne Round Sling

If you are shifting something fragile, a round sling is the way to go. This 3 tonne round sling offers a decent load capacity in combination with a convenient, hard wearing design that will allow for safe lifting in various settings. 

What it can do 

This 3 tonne round sling is colour coded in yellow for ease of identifying the safe working load. 

There are a range of lengths to choose from in order to best suit your specific operation, starting at 0.5 metres and finishing at 6 metres. Get in touch if you need something more bespoke. 

Offering a little extra protection to more delicate loads, round slings are a good alternative to other types of lifting slings. 

Speaking of our lifting sling range, it is worth mentioning that there are lots of excellent options contained within it aside from this 3 tonne round sling. We have flat web slings of many different capacities, all colour coded like the round sling line up. We have chain slings which are built to last and can be made to order. We even have disposable one way slings which are great for single use transport applications as well as lifting. 

Other products to check out 

If you are after a 3 tonne round sling, chances are that you also need other lifting equipment to help turbo charge your operations. Thankfully at Lifting Gear Direct we can make and supply a huge array of kit to suit almost any commercial application. 

For example, you might want to use your round sling with a gantry system for swift, convenient load handling on the go. Our bespoke line up of gantries should more than satisfy your needs. 

You might also need a hoist to handle the lifting duties for you. These are also products we supply in abundance. 

Our contact details 

Speaking with an LGD specialist is easy and convenient, whether you just want to ask a question or are ready to order round slings from us. Just call 01384 76961 or email our experts today.


Average Diameter MM Lifting Factor Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 O Basket x 2 Basket angle 45 x 1.4 Basket angle 45-60 x 1
  Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
    hitch hitch hitch hitch

less than 45


more than 45

28 YELLOW 3 2.4 6 4.2 3