4 tonne duplex web sling

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4 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

4 Tonne Duplex Web Sling

Buy your 4 tonne duplex web sling here, online today. Lifting Gear Direct have a great range of webbing slings available to suit many lifting operations. 

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4 Tonne Duplex Web sling Features 

Ideal for organising safe lifting operations with larger loads, this 4 tonne duplex websling is one of a number of lifting sling products you can order from Lifting Gear Direct. Find out about its features and functions here, then contact us to order. 

Quick overview

Our 4 tonne duplex web sling selection is grey in colour for quick and easy classification. Starting off at 1 metre long the 4 tonne slings go up to 10 metres in length with 1 metre increments in between.  

These lifting slings offer great lifting abilities as they can be adapted from a straight lift into a choke lift or a basket lift; you must however follow the load table for the changes in safe working loads which must be applied.  

For example, if you opt for a vertical lift, the full 4 tonne load capacity can be achieved. Meanwhile a choke lift configuration reduces the WLL to 3.2 tonnes. With any lifting equipment purchase, keeping a close eye on the specifications is essential to avoid unnecessary hazards. 

More sling options to consider

Webslings like this 4 tonne duplex example are only a small part of our broader lifting sling range. 

Chain slings can be found on our site, with high grade materials used to ensure stability and longevity in various commercial lifting applications. 

Disposable one way slings are orderable in various custom shapes and sizes, with synthetic fibres used to produce excellent levels of strength and reliability for single-use scenarios. 

Wear sleeves are also found in this section, offering up ample protection for slings which will limit the damage done by abrasions during lifting operations. 

These are just some of the specialist products we stock, with customisation available on many of the items you can order from LGD. 

Contact us

To get further product information, pricing details and help with your order, give us a ring on 01384 76961 or email your question to our team and we will get back to you with a helpful reply as quickly as possible.

Simplex Sling Endless & Duplex sling Lifting Factor  Vertical x1 Choke x 0.8 Basket 0º x 2 Basket      0-45º x 1.4 Basket 45-60º x 1
Width in mm  Width in mm Colour Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes Tonnes
240 120 GREY 4 3.2 8 5.6 4