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500kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane

500kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane

This is our highest capacity wall mounted jib crane with a 500kg working load limit. It has the same advantages as its 250kg and 125kg counterparts, including a completely unique design and manufacturing process that lets you adapt the dimensions to pair with the layout of your premises. We will work with you to create a custom lifting jib, then install it for you and test it to ensure that it is safe.

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 500kg Wall Mounted Jib Crane – The Basics

Moving loads of up to half a tonne in weight will be a breeze with our exclusively designed 500kg SWL lifting jib range. They can be either underbraced or overbraced and have a 270 degree slewing angle, this may be limited with stops as necessary. 

The level of choice we give customers extends even further, since you can pick extras to add to your crane. This includes every type of lifting equipment  from fully fledged electric chain hoists from some of the leading brands on the market, right down to basic parts like clamps. We stock all of these products on our site, so if you need any accessories at a later date, you can always come back and buy what you need from Lifting Gear Direct. 

500kg Wall Mounted Swing - Installation & Upkeep

Once we have manufactured your crane at our factory, we will deliver it directly to you and our specialist team of engineers will install everything on-site. The wall itself will need to be structurally stable enough to support the crane, which is something that we check to avoid any problems further down the line. 

If you need our help with anything else over the lifetime of the crane, we can offer a range of other advantageous services. This includes annual inspections, regular maintenance visits and of course repairs when issues inevitably arise due to wear and tear. We treat our customers on a case by case basis, so you will never feel like you are getting anything less than a bespoke experience when you buy a jib crane from Lifting Gear Direct.  

Call Our Team with Your Lifting Jib Questions

We believe that the personal touch is important when providing such a vital service to customers. So if you want to talk to our experienced, savvy staff you can call 01384 76961 for information or a wall mounted jib crane quote. We also offer an online contact form, so email us and we will get back to you with a well rounded response.

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