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Light Weight Aluminium Gantry

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We are now able to offer aluminium gantry systems with different working load limits, with our standard range offering lifting capacities from 250kg up to 2000kg. Our custom aluminium gantries offer safe working loads up to 5 tonne and are not only customisable but can lift people. Then we have the new Rapide aluminium gantry which is the smallest and lightest gantry in the range. Our range of these lightweight gantry systems can be utilised across many areas and are commonly used in warehouses, HVAC applications, construction operations, in cemeteries, lifting barges from locks, lifting cars and many more. 

Why Choose an Aluminium Lifting Gantry

Aluminium lifting gantry systems are lightweight, foldable, strong, easy to assemble, adjustable and easily transportable. When compared to a standard steel mobile gantry the aluminium variety is much lighter and so easier to move around; however they are not quite so good at lifting really heavy loads, though they do offer more corrosion and chemical resistance and so they are great for using outdoors and/or in moisture heavy environments. They are also excellent for use in clean areas or where chemicals’ are used. 

These aluminium gantries are ideal if you need to constantly erect and disassemble them and move to different locations. They are very easy to work with in a wide range of environments. Having only three main elements the Aluminium lifting gantry is easy and quick to erect with two people, though the smaller models can be put up by a single individual. The three key parts are two side frames with castors and a top beam. They also come complete with a beam trolley to allow easy fitting of other lifting equipment. The trolley also enables free movement of the trolley and fitted lifting gear across the beam’s span, giving you even more versatility.

 Optional levelling feet/parking jacks and winch kits are also available as well as more customised configurations to suit your specific requirements. 

Adjustability of our Aluminium Lifting Gantries

All of the aluminium gantry systems within our range are adjustable. Once erected the height of the beam can be adjusted by specific increments which are 100, 150 or 200mm apart depending on the model chosen. Some models have 5 adjustment points and some have up to 9. The height adjustment operates on a pin system, where the pin is simply removed and re-located to where desired. The top beam will need some support during this procedure to stop it from dropping down too far. This adjustment can be completed by just one person by a scissoring action, adjusting the pin at each side alternately a little at a time.

Our standard range of aluminium lifting gantry systems  can go up to 3.5 metres in height (model dependant) and the custom aluminium gantry range goes up to around 6 metres, again this is model dependant.

These aluminium gantries are just as easy to take down in a few simple steps and carry into storage whenever required; the parts are kept together via a strap for ease.  Your aluminium gantry is also easy to maintain, it can be washed down with soapy water to keep it clean and perhaps a little lubrication on the castors from time to time are all that is needed to keep your gantry like new.

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