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Lifting Gantry Systems

Here at Lifting Gear Direct, we pride ourselves on being one of the UK’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of lifting gantry systems including A frame lifting gantry and industrial gantry lift equipment – our wide range of lifting gantries and gantry hoist systems can be used in a variety of industrial and commercial environments, providing a reliable and customisable solution for your lifting requirements. We construct high quality lifting crane set ups that complies with all industry standards for safety, while being cost-effective so that our clients know they are getting a good deal. Mobile Gantry and Jib cranes are our other bespoke crane designs.

500kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 If you require a lifting gantry with easier mobility then you should look ..

1000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 The simple design means that transporting the a-frame gantry from one loca..

2000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


Manufactured by our skilled team in our own fabrication shop to BS2853/BS2573 ou..

3000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


 They are delivered in 3 pieces, and with just 2 (or more) people, the gant..

5000kg A-Frame Lifting Gantry


Welded with precision by our skilled fabricators here at Lifting Gear Direc..

500kg Lifting Gantries


They can safely handle the lifting and lowering of loads up to 500kg but should ..

1000kg Lifting Gantries


1000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptations Large plated feet can be fitted during produc..

2000kg Lifting Gantries


2000kg Lifting Gantry Adaptability The 2000kg lifting gantry can be fitted with..

3000kg Lifting gantries


3000kg Custom Lifting Gantry Benefits Fully tested and certificated you can be ..

5000kg Lifting Gantries


5000kg Lifting Gantry Performance Potential For obvious reasons the steel used ..

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Lifting Gantry Systems

Custom made Lifting Gantry Systems for Safety

Our lifting gantry products are designed with safety in mind, manufactured to BS2853/BS2573 and fully tested to ensure a CE marked status. We also allow the inclusion of optional extras include isolator switch and festoon systems, giving you extra peace of mind that lifting using our gantries remains safe in all situations. We offer a truly bespoke service, giving you complete control over your order and ensuring you get the equipment you really need.

Please Note: We do not hire out our gantry systems, they are made to order.

Why Choose an A-Frame Lifting Gantry over a Fixed Gantry Crane

A fixed gantry crane is a type of overhead crane. With a fixed gantry crane, the supports holding the crane up are fixed in location. They cannot move, and therefore the crane cannot move. For this reason, everything that the crane is going to lift must be brought to the crane.

If you need to lift heavy loads, often in different work areas, or do not wish to permanently change your working area with a fixed overhead crane then an A-frame could be what you need. They provide a non-permanent, cost effective and efficient means to lifting heavy loads. Our A-frames come complete with heavy duty castors, 2 of which are braked as standard; this provides easy manoeuvring and positioning wherever you may require it.

Our A-frames consist of a horizontal beam supported by two “A” shaped end frames /legs. The beam can be fitted with many appliances such as; electric hoists, beam clamps, trolleys etc. All of which we can supply.

Configuring an A Frame Crane Gantry

A-frames are used by positioning the frame above the load to be lifted; the load is then attached to the desired lifting appliance fitted to the horizontal beam. However; you should never move an A-frame gantry while it is under load, nor should loads be swung.

The lifting of heavy loads does not necessitate the installation of expensive equipment nor permanently altering your work space; one of our A-frame mobile gantry systems will do the job efficiently and economically.

The portable design allows it to be moved from one location to another easily and quickly.

No permanent installation is required, making them ideal if you rent your space. This kind of portability is especially advantageous for crane gantry systems that you want to be as portable as possible, so visiting different work sites is straightforward with our models. 

Lifting gantries – Safety Information

When you acquire a new A-Frame gantry / lifting gantry, you will always be given a copy of instructions for their safe use, installation, maintenance and inspection procedures, however we are aware that they can easily get lost or misplaced and so we will highlight the basic but most important information here for your convenience.

From the outset, it is important to note that lifting gantries are not intended to be moved whilst under load; they are only portable to allow them to be moved to where the loads needs lifting, and so it can be placed directly over the object.

Whilst planning a lift, it is important to take into account the properties of your A-frame gantry; for example, the height and length, the lifting capacity, bracing type, beam clamp or trolley to be used and the type of brake – wheel brake or parking jacks. 

Gantry Lift - Step by step Guidance

Due to the fact that a-frame gantries can be self-erected, and therefore easily dismantled for transporting elsewhere, or putting into storage, it is imperative to check all bolts are secure prior to each use, you must always use identical replacement bolts, nuts and washers if required; and always follow the manufacturer’s assembly instructions, as gantries can vary between them.

  • Before each lift, inspect the gantry for any defects, such as, cracked joints, loose or missing bolts, structural distortions, faulty brakes and missing runway end stops.
  • Position the gantry directly over the load to be lifted, adhering to the centre of gravity principals.
  • Always apply parking jacks if fitted.
  • Ensure the ground is level, for good stability, parking jacks can help if slightly un-even. Un-level ground may cause the gantry to become unstable and tip over.
  • Carry out a test lift to make sure the load is stable, make any adjustments necessary before completing the lift.
  • Avoid swinging loads, this will off-set the centre of gravity and could make the whole thing become un-stable.
  • Never allow persons to pass under a loaded gantry
  • Place ladders against or climb on a mobile gantry.

    Gantry Hoist Safety Inspections

    As well as carrying out your own checks prior to each use, all lifting gantries are subjected to a yearly (or sooner) inspection by a qualified person to ensure all safety standards are met and it is safe to use; this service can be carried out by one of our own skilled engineers at Lifting Gear Direct.

    We manufacture our a-frames here on site and can tailor them to suit your needs, we can supply lightweight workshop models up to heavy duty cranes. 

    Get in touch today for Lifting Crane Gantry Info

    Take a look at our range and/or call our team on 01384 76961 to discuss any particularly specific requirements. Or you can use the contact us page  to send us an email and expect a prompt reply from our team. Whether you need more information or a quote for the crane gantry products and services on our site, we are here to help.


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