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Over Braced Jib crane

Buy an Over Braced Jib Crane to use the full beam length

And have the maximum unhindered working area below the beam.

Here at Lifting Gear Direct our own  Jib crane products, are made to order to your specific requirements. This includes our Lifting Gear Direct over braced jib cranes. Over bracing can be applied to any of our own jibs whether it is the wall mounted, column mounted or floor mounted. You can also add a wide range of accessories to each. With load limits kicking off at 125kg for the smallest of the bunch and rising to 3000kg on the biggest example. Under braced versions are also made to order by our own expert team.

125kg Over Braced Swing Jib


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250kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


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500kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


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1000kg Over Braced Swing Jibs


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2000kg Over Braced Swing Jib


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3000 kg Over Braced Swing Jib


3000kg Over Braced Swing Jib Features This crane can be floor or column mounted..

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Lifting Gear Direct Over braced Jib cranes.

It is worth noting the safe working loads for each type; the wall mounted option has lower SWL’s and only goes up to 500kg, where as the column and floor mounted variantsover braced jib crane size options go up to 3000kg. The slewing range of each type should also be considered; again the wall mounted version can be more restricted and typically rotated through just 180 degrees.

Why choose an over braced Jib crane?

There are a few very good reasons why you would choose an over braced jib as opposed to an under braced models!  Firstly, and probably most notably the over bracing provides the cranes main support from over the top of the jib arm and provides the support almost right to the very end of its length. This is unlike an under braced jib where the main support is only applied to a small portion of the arm. If safety is a concern, as it should be for any lifting operations, then you might want to choose an over braced crane.

There is another excellent reason to choose an over braced model, this is because the arm can be used up to its maximum length with no hindrances. There is no under brace to hinder the travel of the load. A beam trolley is able to traverse the complete length of the arm/boom which means that you will be able to lift your loads within a wider area. Over bracing allows you to attach trolleys, clamps and other accessories to any part of the beam without having their movement or positioning limited.

Floor Mounted Slewing Crane Range 

Choose one of our bespoke floor mounted cranes if you need a lifting solution that supports itself.  floor mounted jib crane

 Those that are mounted on the floor offer a lot of benefits to buyers. They can be positioned almost anywhere, and offer excellent swing radiuses to provide the ultimate in practicality. They can be adorned with all types of lifting gear to boost productivity, and you also get to decide between over bracing or under bracing on the beam, which gives you plenty of flexibility.

Due to the fact that floor mounted cranes are fixed to the ground it is extremely important to ascertain whether the foundations are strong enough. They must be able to not only support the crane itself, but also the weight of the loads being lifted. Sometimes it is prudent to get outside help to ensure the foundations are structurally sound and fit for purpose. We use a high quality, tried and well tested bolting system to secure the crane to the floor, so you can be assured that once we fit one of our Jibs it will stay put.

Potential Pitfalls of Over Bracing

While the over bracing delivers excellent sturdiness and beam access, it does increase the amount of headroom that you need to install this type of crane. If space is limited and ceilings are low, an under braced model may be more appropriate.

The fact that the arm can be swung around through a slewing range of up to 270 degrees adds to the practicality and convenience of this type of crane. You can add stops to keep this in check if you wish.

Slewing Jib Mounting Options and More

There are a number of ways that our slewing jibs can be installed, some of which are limited to lower capacity models. Floor and column mounting is an option for every unit we produce, but only examples with working load limits of between 125kg and 500kg will be suitable for wall mounting.  

If you want to include other features with your order, you just need to request them and we can oblige you. Our specialist team can install hoisting equipment, add festoons or catenaries as necessary. If isolators and knockout switches are on your wish list, then these are also an option.  

Essentially when you buy from Lifting Gear Direct, we will bend over backwards to accommodate the custom specifications that you need out of your swing jib.

Ordering your crane and accessories

Talking to the Lifting Gear Direct team is the speediest way to work out which type of crane you need. We can also provide quotes, offer advice and let you in on our finely hone industry knowledge. 01384 76961 is the phone number you need to dial for more information, a quotation or to place an order. Alternatively an email can be sent to our sales team from the red, flashing rapid enquiry button or else from our contact us page.  Don’t forget you can order all your other required lifting equipment at the same time. We supply all types of hoisting equipment, beam attachments and loose lifting tackle from the cheaper economy ranges up to the top manufacturers.

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