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Hacketts Manual Chain Hoists

We sell Hacketts chain hoists of various capacities, so whatever your lifting needs, we have the right kind of equipment to help out. William Hackett is an established lifting gear brand based in the UK. With models ranging in lifting capacity from 500kg up to 50 tonnes there is a hacketts manual chain hoist ideal for your needs. Lifting Gear Direct stock chain blocks from other leading manufacturers at great prices too.

C4 Atex Chain Block

C4 Atex Chain Block


Key Features of the Atex C4 Chain BlockThe C4 meets British standards to BS EN..

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block

Hacketts Heavy Duty Chain Block


 With a tough, sturdy design it is built to work seamlessly in a number of ..

Hacketts Dual Speed Chain Hoist


Key Features of the Hacketts Dual Speed Chain HoistWhen this hoist is holding ..

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 Originally founded in 1892, William Hacketts remains an influential force in the modern marketplace and produces equipment of several types.  

Hacketts Heavy Duty Manual Hoist

This is the main model in the line-up of Hacketts chain hoists and is available to buy in an impressive number of different configurations. This means it is a good idea to take a close look at the specifications of each unit so that you get exactly what you are looking for.

The safe working limit of the base level manual hoist in the Heavy Duty family is just 500kg, which is good for lighter lifting duties. From here the strength and performance capabilities only get greater, reaching right up to 50 tonnes in the case of the largest example. This means that you should be in no doubt about the variety and versatility that this range represents.

Whichever model you choose, you will have access to many of the same underlying benefits that come as a result of Hacketts’ intelligent, resilient design. Twin pawls ensure that there are no unexpected drops, while the zinc plated springs which hold them in place are resistant to corrosion and will therefore require minimal maintenance. The housing is held together with bolts and the entire assembly meets EN13157 standards.  

Hacketts takes the reliability of its products seriously, which is why this manual hoist has undergone endurance testing to make sure that it will keep on working as expected, cycle after cycle. Its safety capabilities are also second to none, with heavy duty safety catches allowing it to be used with confidence.

More Hacketts Chain Hoist Products

To compliment this heavy duty manual hoist, we also offer other lifting equipment from William Hackett. This includes the SS L5 subsea lever hoist, which has been optimised to avoid corrosion when kept in regular contact with salt water. As well as prevent the ingress of unwanted liquids and matter, the housing plays host to a modern brake system and is equipped with a stainless steel chain. Like its stable mates, it meets relevant industry standards and has helped to garner this brand an international customer base of several major organisations.  

The rest of our chain block range is packed with different models from brands including Yale, Kito and Tiger, so if Hacketts does not offer what you are looking for, Lifting Gear Direct should still be able to supply you with a suitable hoist.

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Call or email our team at Lifting Gear Direct and we can break down the full details about any product or service on our site, including the Hacketts chain hoists we sell. The number to dial is 01384 76961. If you would prefer a response via email, you can visit the contact page on our site or click the rapid enquiry button at the top of this page.

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