Flex base radio remote control

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Flex Base Radio Remote Control

Flex Base Radio Remote Control

The Flex Base radio remote control system is ideal for unhindered control of hoists, cranes and more. Lifting Gear Direct can offer a choice of 2 receivers and 4 transmitters depending on your requirements.

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About the Flex Base Radio Remote Control System

Overhead cranes and electric hoists typically use hard wired pendant controllers which can be quite restrictive at times, especially if the control cable is not very long. With the Flex Base radio remote control system you can forget all about wires! It is a completely wireless system and uses advanced RF controls with 62 programmable channels. The push buttons at the front and a set of dip switches in the rear are used to programme the controls to suit your needs. What's more, the system incorporates a remote pairing function to enable multiple hand sets to be configured & cloned and set up with the same receiver.

Dual microprocessor controls which have a 32bit CRC and hamming code enable fast, safe and error free coding and decoding of the units. Each Flex base system possesses a unique address code as well as serial number and there are over 20 million unique 20bit address codes for safe use without interference from similar devices. This also enables the two way transmission between the receiver and transmitter to ensure precise, safe and uninterrupted operation.

Flex Base Remote Control Variations

Each Flex base radio control system comes with 1 transmitter, 1 receiver, lanyard, pouch, button labels, output cable and instruction manual CD as standard.

There is a choice of two receivers and 6 Transmitters so your choice will depend on what you need to control and how.

Flex Base Radio Control Transmitters

The transmitters are the hand held control panel which are fully sealed and IP66 rated. They have a low power consumption and require just 2 AA type batteries to provide over 100 hours of operation.

There are 4 models to choose from with the only real difference being the number of function buttons. There are 4,6,8 & 12 button options which can be configured to suit your requirements using the dip switches and codes from the manual. In addition each has an on/off button and a stop button.

There are many functions that you can set the buttons too including the obvious up, down, left and right movements. Warning functions, brake function, pitch and catch functions, toggled contact and more can all be set up to a button of your choice. Please refer to the download manuals and instructions above to find out all you need to know about programming the Flex base system.

Training for radio control operators is recommended.

Flex Base Radio Control Receivers

The receivers are fitted to the device that you want to control. Installation is fairly simple and allows for easy adjustments and configurations. They incorporate an onboard diagnostic tool as well as output LED's to enable easy trouble shooting and to provide system status information.

Each unit includes an internal antenna for signal transmission, there is also an option to add an external antenna should you need to boost the signal power.

The MRX Receiver

The MRX receiver works best with the 4 and 6 button transmitters and is particularly suitable for controlling electric hoists. The unit can be mounted directly on to the hoists control panel or onto the main body and because it is light in weight (0.9kg/2lbs) it won't cause any imbalance issues.

There is a feature to enable the unit to automatically adapt to the control voltage from 9-36 VDC – 24-48 VAC and 48-240 VAC.

The Flex Base Receiver

Because this unit works best with the 8 and 12 button transmitters it offers more control capabilities than the MRX and smaller transmitters, and therefore works well with overhead cranes, jib cranes and more. Functions can be set up for magnet control, lights and other powered lifting devices. Weighing in at 2.5kg or 5.5lb to include the output cable it is still easily mountable.

Hoists and Cranes

There is a wide range of electric hoists and wire rope hoists available at Lifting Gear Direct all of which can be used with the Flex Base radio remote control system. In fact radio remote control systems can be used to operate almost any electric powered lifting equipment. So whether you are looking for a Yale hoist, Liftket hoist, Stahl hoist or Gis hoist we offer some of the best prices around.

Runway crane systems, down shops, Jib cranes and light rail crane systems can all be supplied to suit your requirements.