Demag dc wind electric hoist

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Demag DC-Wind Electric Hoist

Demag DC-Wind Electric Hoist

Wind turbines are becoming increasingly popular as a cost effective source of renewable energy, though due to the sheer scale of these turbines, maintenance and servicing can cause issues.
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 During installation, maintenance operations and/or repair work, tools and parts need to be accessed with an electric hoist system often the only option. The Demag DC Wind electric hoist enables access to the motors and other operational equipment within the turbine housing. Lifting Gear Direct can supply the Demag DC-Wind electric hoist in 7 incremental lifting capacities, from 125kg up to 1500kg.

Demag DC Wind Electric Chain Hoist

The DC-Wind can have hook travel paths up to 180 metres, enabling access right to the top of most wind turbines. The chain is collected in its own chain collector bag to keep it safely out of the way, or alternatively the chain can be passed through a tube and down into a separate container/collector enabling excess chain to be stored in a different area.

The Demag DC Wind hoist incorporates rapid lifting speeds to enable swift transportation of tools and replacement parts over the long travel paths needed in a wind turbine. By the cut off of the top and bottom hook positions, safe operation is ensured, there are also a locking mechanism to prevent unwanted travel which may be caused by the turbine moving.

The Demag DC-Wind electric hoist is well used and respected in the wind turbine field so you can be assured of a robust and trustworthy hoist with its corrosion resistant brake having IP55 protection. The DC-Wind also has a 24V contactor control for safe operation.

What’s more we can supply these Demag electric hoists with optional designs to suit various climatic conditions such as high altitudes, off-shore and cold climates.

Key Features of the Demag DC-Wind Electric Hoist

wind turbineThe Demag DC-wind electric hoist has many key features making them appropriate for use in wind turbines.

Easy installation, servicing and handling are all major benefits of the DC-Wind. Boasting up to 10 years of no maintenance for the slip clutch, brake and gearbox, electrical breaking and slip monitoring ensure a long service life with minimal maintenance. Made up of modular components, servicing is straight forward.

For convenient operation the DC-wind incorporates an ergonomic pendant controller, a fast main lifting speed with creep speeds to enable precise positioning and a trolley which can be locked with a handle.

Minimal load sway is achieved through the smooth braking motions and cross travel operations; it is possible to have the speed, acceleration and braking rates modified through the pendant if needed.

Other key features include; low noise levels, status displays including slip clutch monitoring features and operational time counter.  Variable speeds, wide operational temperature range from -20 to +45 degrees with no reduced duty factor, higher temperatures may be possible up to +60 degrees.

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SWL (KG)TypeLS at 50 Hz (m/min)Hook path (H)Trolleys with frameChain dimensionsMax. weight *)           KG
125DC-Wind 216/4≤1202 x RU 3/24.2 x 12.22820
125DC-Wind 524/62 x RU 3/24.2 x 12.23326
250DC-Wind 516/42 x RU 3/24.2 x 12.23326
250DC-Wind 1024/6≤1802 x RU 6/25.3 x 15.25945
500DC-Wind 512/3≤1202 x RU 3/25.3 x 15.24336
500DC-Wind 1012/3≤1202 x RU 6/25.3 x 15.25945
50024/6≤1802 x RU 6/25.3 x 15.25945
80018/4.5≤1502 x U 117.4 x 21.28464
100018/4.5≤1202 x U 117.4 x 21.28464
100012/3≤1202 x U 117.4 x 21.28464
1200DC-Wind 1516/4≤1502 x U 118.7 x 24.2155125
150012/3≤1202 x U 118.7 x 24.2155125