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Misia electric chain hoists

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Misia Electric Chain Hoists

New to Market Electric chain Hoist by Misia available here

Lifting Gear Direct are one of the first to be able to offer this hoist for sale, of which there are some great options to choose from.

Misia have been producing electric hoists of the wire rope variety for a long time so they are a brand you can trust. However they have recently joined the electric chain hoist market with the addition on the brand new Misia MH electric chain hoist. 

Misia MH Electric Chain Hoist


About the Misia MH Electric Chain Hoist Misia are located predominantly in ..

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Misia Electric Chain Hoists

About Misia Electric Hoists

Although at the moment there is just one hoist available in the electric chain hoist range the "MH" has a good choice of configurations for you to choose from. There are different suspension types to suit fitting to a variety of anchor points as well as a couple of beam trolleys, again to suit different applications.

There is a good selection of safe working load capacities with the top model boasting 2000Kg or 2 tonne.

Misia chain hoists are purposefully designed for lifting applications. It can be mounted on a static supporting structure for lifting in one position or it can be used as a travelling hoist when suspended from a beam trolley.

These Misia electric chain hoists are essentially to be used indoors in non-aggressive environments. They can be operated safely between the temperature ranges of -20 and +40 degrees Celcius.

Using Misia Electric chain hoists safely

You must always adhere to the rules in the instruction manual to ensure your hoist is being used correctly. Improper use can be dangerous.

Some examples of incorrect use includes; exceeding the safe working load limit; dragging loads at an angle; carrying persons; intentionally running against the emergency limit switches; pulling jammed loads free; dragging or towing loads; slack chaining.

As with all other types of lifting hoists they should be carefully maintained, following any routine maintenance practices set out in the manual, although the Misia MH requires very little maintenance. At least once a year, more if frequently in use the hoist must go through a thorough inspection according to LOLER, this is carried out by a competent person.

Things to Consider.

Before purchasing you will need to assess the type of load you are likely to be lifting and ascertain its weight. This is so you can choose the model with the correct safe working load for your needs.

For example if your loads are no more than 100kg, then a 125Kg hoist will suffice; But if you normally need to lift 300kg then you will need a 500Kg hoist, the 250kg model (although closer to the SWL) will not be suitable.

You will also need to determine the height of lift you need to determine the length of load chain you will need to order. 3Meters of chain comes as standard but extra meters can be added for an additional cost. Don't forget – each meter of chain has its weight which should be added to the overall weight of the hoist to ensure the supporting structure is adequate.

Click on the MH model icon where you will find out all the nitty gritty details about this great electric hoist, including the specifications and

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