Foot mounted wire rope hoist misia xm

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Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM

Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM

This wire rope hoist from the Misia XM range is foot mounted, and can be mounted either supported on top of a beam or suspended under a beam.

  • Brand:: Misia
  • Product Code: Misia XM Foot Mounted Hoist
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Available in lifting capacities from 1.6t up to25t in 2 rope fall (S2) models and from up to 50t in 4 rope fall (S4) models.

This wire rope hoist does not incorporate a trolley and so it can not be moved across a beam, it will remain in a fixed position.

KEY FEATURES of the Foot Mounted Wire Rope Hoist - Misia XM 

  • choice of conical or cylindrical motor
  • single or dual speed options
  • planetary gearbox (2 or 3 stage) with heat treated gears.
  • self braking
  • robust 2 part rope guide featuring a guide ring and pressure spring.

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Powered hoists come in a wide range of formats. Other than our wire rope hoist range we also supply electric chain hoists, air hoists, builders gantry hoists and scaffold hoists. There are a range of power options available across the range so your choice will depend upon the power supply you require. Compressed air, electric single phase, three phase and a range of voltages are just some of your options. 

Wire rope and fittings can also be supplied to suit your hoisting device should you need it. As can lifting slings and lifting shackles to complete your lifting task.

Help is available by contacting Lifting gear Direct on 01384 76961 or you can drop us an email with your query via the contact form.