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Gantry Hoists

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Building and construction sites nearly always have scaffolding gantry hoist; this allows the use of scaffold hoists for transporting materials to different levels of the build, however, when scaffolding isn’t available a scaffold hoist cannot be used and so a gantry hoist is used instead.

Gantry hoists are specialist electric hoisting systems which attach to a special gantry frame. They are commonly used on building sites for new builds, building reconstruction work and maintenance work, and also in other areas where there is no scaffolding to enable the use of a scaffold hoist, but materials still need to be lifted and lowered to varying heights.

The gantry frame can be positioned so that is overhangs the side of the building with the hoist attached to the overhanging edge. The gantry frame uses ballast boxes at the rear in order to counterbalance the weight, the ballast boxes can be filled with suitable materials exceeding the combined weight of the hoist and load to be lifted. We can supply gantry frames and ballast boxes to suit lifting capacities of 300kg, 500kg & 800kg.

We have a range of accessories to further compliment our range of gantry hoists including a range of buckets and bucket carriers and wheelbarrow chains, you can see the full range of accessories for scaffold and gantry hoists here.

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