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Gantry Hoists

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Building and construction sites nearly always have scaffolding ; this allows the use of scaffold hoists for transporting materials to different levels of the build, however, when scaffolding isn’t available a scaffold hoist cannot be used and so a gantry hoist is used instead. 

Gantry Hoists Explainedgantry hoists

Gantry hoists are specialist electric hoisting systems which attach to a special gantry frame. They are commonly used on building sites for new builds, building reconstruction work and maintenance work, and also in other areas where there is no scaffolding to enable the use of a scaffold hoist, but materials still need to be lifted and lowered to varying heights. 

The gantry frame can be positioned so that is overhangs the side of the building with the hoist attached to the overhanging edge. The gantry frame uses ballast boxes at the rear in order to counterbalance the weight, the ballast boxes can be filled with suitable materials exceeding the combined weight of the hoist and load to be lifted. We can supply gantry frames and ballast boxes to suit lifting capacities of 300kg, 500kg & 800kg. 

Gantry Hoist Accessories & Add-Ons

We have a range of accessories to further compliment our range of gantry hoists including a range of buckets and bucket carriers and wheelbarrow chains, you can see the full range of accessories for scaffold and gantry hoists here. 

IMER Gantry Hoists

There are two hoists in the IMER range, and if you are interested in more products from this respected manufacturer we also sell scaffold hoists with different specifications and features.

 The IMER ET 300 N gantry hoist comes with a 300kg load capacity, a 26 metre rope and a full load lifting speed of up to 19 metres per minute. It is constructed with durable materials and can easily withstand the harsh conditions that are typically encountered on construction sites. 

The IMER BS 500 gantry hoist is capable of continuous operation, with a speedy 26 metre per minute average lifting speed and a half tonne safe lifting capacity giving it the edge in terms of productivity and power. It operates at volumes of under 80 decibels, taking worker hearing into account. 

IMER Gantry Hoist Accessories

Both the ET 300 N and BS 500 are intended as alternatives to scaffold hoists, because not every construction job involves this type of assembly being easily accessible. You will need to add a compatible counter balanced gantry to get the job done, of which IMER offers its own branded frames. These frames have different load capacities, which should be taken into account when you choose which one to buy. 

IMER’s extensive line-up of add-ons also includes things like tipping buckets, hoist trolleys, internal adjustable props and many other handy components to help improve the efficiency of lifting tasks. 

TEA L’Europea Gantry Hoists

There are lots of L’Europea gantry hoist models manufactured by TEA to consider, accounting for almost every conceivable size you might expect from lifting equipment of this type. Here is a breakdown of the hoists you can find on the LGD site. 

HE 300 MF Gantry Hoist

The compact, efficient HE 300 MF has a 300kg capacity, a 25 metre cable and an average lifting speed of 23 metres per minute, making it a good choice for lighter load handling tasks. The straightforward control pendant puts operators in the driving seat and improves user-friendliness as well as lifting safety on-site. 

HE 500 MF Gantry Hoist

Sharing the same robust design as its smaller stable mate, but upping the load limit to 500kg, the HE 500 MF is a step up in the L’Europea range. Its average lifting speed does dip to around half that of the 300kg model, but the added weigh capacity should be more than enough to make up for this. 

HE 500 TF Gantry Hoist

If lifting speed is a major selling point, then the 29 metres per minute that the HE 500 TF can achieve will elevate its standing significantly. The unit itself weighs in at 50kg and it can be equipped with a cable of up to 40 metres in length, making it a good choice for working at height even if the standard 25 metre cable is a little shorter than this maximum. 

HE 800 MF Gantry Hoist

Continuing the trend for offering more load-lugging capacity, the 800kg limit provided by the HE 800 MF makes it one of TEA’s most capable units. It has a 1500w engine and a typical operational speed of 11.5 metres per minute. 

HE 800 TF Gantry Hoist

Sharing the 800kg load limit with its MF equivalent, the HE 800 TF boasts a faster 14.5 metre per second lifting speed and still manages to come in a relative scaled-down form that means it is easy to manoeuvre. Mobility is obviously something that is important in the world of gantry hoists, so the examples manufactured by TEA certainly manage to deliver in this respect. 

Considering Lifting Gear Options

Lifting building materials, equipment and even people will be necessary in a number of different construction scenarios. It is vital to choose the right kit for the job, whether it be a scaffold hoist, gantry hoist or other contemporary product. We stock height safety equipment and supplies that will also be an important investment to go along with your electronic or manual lifting gear. 

It is sensible to think carefully about both the load capacity and speed of operation that a given hoist can deliver. Choosing the largest, most powerful model is not always the best option, especially if you will only be using it for much lighter lifting tasks. 

Contact Us About Gantry Hoists

To get advice on gantry hoist products and for quick quotes, call or email our expert team today. Our phone number is 01384 76961 and you can find further contact details on our site, along with our rapid response form. Get in touch and see what Lifting Gear Direct can do for you!

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