Gt viper chain block

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GT Viper Chain Block

GT Viper Chain Block

The durable GT Viper chain block is made from high performance materials. It boasts payload limits that start at 500kg and work their way upwards incrementally, topping out at a full 30 tonnes.

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 This is an excellent manual chain hoist option for organisations of all sizes. Designed to make upkeep tasks a breeze, this is just one of the excellent GT Lifting products we sell on our site. 

GT Viper Chain Block Bite-Sized Spec Sheet


  • Zinc plated grade 80 calibrated load chain
  • Zinc plated hand chain
  • Sealed ball bearings
  • Low and easy maintenance
  • Top & bottom hooks incorporate heavy duty cast catches. 

GT Viper Chain Block Durability & Upkeep

Like all the best manual chain hoists, this model from GT is made to last and designed to be maintained with relative ease. From the heavy duty materials used in its construction to the design of the unit itself, it should make ownership a breeze over time, as well as providing daily practicality when deployed in a variety of commercial settings. 

Lifting equipment safety is obviously important, so we offer inspection services to ensure that your chain block is compliant with regulations year after year. The GT Viper is an undeniably durable product, but it can only remain this way if you get it checked regularly. 

GT Viper Chain Block Materials

Part of the resilience of the Viper is down to the choice of materials that are found across the entire assembly. The zinc plated load chain is the most obvious advantage it offers, as it is not only strong and resistant to abrasions and impacts, but also capable of combating corrosion that might leave lesser metals looking worse for wear fairly quickly. 

The hand chain is also plated with zinc, which makes sense given the rest of the design and should help the hoist to perform consistently over time, rather than resulting in one part wearing out faster than its contemporaries. 

GT Viper Chain Block Model Options

The Viper is not a one size fits all chain hoist but is actually a comprehensive range that factors in units of various sizes and capacities. As you would expect, the most compact models use a single chain fall to lift loads, topping out at 2 tonnes. For three tonnes or more, additional chain falls are needed. 

The highest capacity model has a 30 tonne safe working load limit, with 12 chain falls in total. It weighs in at 228kg in its own right, which is worth bearing in mind when choosing your chain block. 

Alternative Chain Hoists to Consider

The Viper represents an undoubtedly varied range of lifting gear, but there are lots of other block and tackle models to consider. If you need specialised, Atex compliant kit, Yale has plenty of chain blocks to offer. Kito has high capacity load handling equipment as well, so keep your search broad for the best results. 

Get Additional Details on GT Viper Chain Blocks

We want you to buy from Lifting Gear Direct with confidence. That is why we are always happy to answer any questions you might have about the products we offer. For more info on GT Viper chain blocks, or for a quote, call 01384 76961. Email us via our contact page if you would prefer a written response and we will get back to you swiftly.

viper chain block for lifting tasks
CapacityEffort req'd to lift max loadLoad Chain DiaFalls of Load ChainWeight (3 mtr HOL)
(kgs) (N)(mm) (kgs)
20,000370 x 2108162
30,000 370 x 210 12228