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GT Lever Hoists

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GT lever hoists are up there with all the others on the market though often come in at much better prices. Lifting Gear Direct can supply GT ratchet lever hoists direct to you and offer after sales back up such as inspections and maintenance as is needed with all lifting equipment. View our full range of lever hoists and pull winches to find your ideal ratchet lever hoist.

Viper Lever Hoist


The Viper Ratchet Lever Hoist at a Glance The GT Viper lever hoist is the ide..

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Undergoing stringent testing you can be assured of safe lifting with GT lever hoists.  George Taylor manufactures quality GT ratchet lever hoists along with many other types of lifting equipment.

GT Lever Hoists

At the moment GT offers just one ratchet lever hoist, The ‘Viper’ although their older models – the heavy duty lever hoists may still be available.
The GT Viper lever hoist has a very good reputation and is great for everyday lifting tasks with loads up to 9000kg.
 We also supply other lifting gear manufactured by George Taylor / GT including chain blocks, lifting magnets, engine lifters, beam trolleys, and plate clamps.

GT Ratchet Lever Hoists & Other Lifting Equipment

GT lifting equipment is one of our top sellers some of which we use ourselves in our factories. Support your British manufacturers and businesses and buy GT equipment from Lifting Gear Direct, both names you can trust.

When purchasing GT lever hoists from us remember you can also purchase any other lifting equipment you may need for your lifting operation at the same time. Whether it’s a lifting sling, shackle or beam trolley we can sort you out; if you need a framework for attaching your lever hoist or any other hoisting device then try one of our own jib cranes or mobile gantry systems, manufactured by our own experienced fabricating team to your exact specifications.

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Call us on 01384 76961 to discuss your lifting requirements. You can also email us your enquiry here or via the rapid enquiry button. We are always happy to offer help and advice to those who need it.

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