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Mp200 scaffold winch

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MP200 Scaffold Winch

MP200 Scaffold Winch

The MP200 builders scaffold winch / hoist is relatively new in the UK although used widely around the world for a few years. This 110v electric hoist gives construction workers a real alternative to the more standard types of scaffold hoists and gantry hoists.

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Features of the MP200 Scaffold Winch

The MP200 differs from normal scaffold hoists in that the main body of the hoist does not clamp to the scaffold tower, it sits on the ground.  So why would this be better than a standard scaffold hoist? The answer is quite simple! Imagine carrying a scaffold hoist to the top of a build via a scaffold tower! This would be a heavy, awkward and possibly hazardous task and not one to look forward to.

With the new MP200 all you need to carry up the tower is a lightweight frame for the rope to pass through and offers the transmission support it needs to lift the loads. The frame simply clamps to the scaffold pole whilst the main hoist unit sits firmly at ground level.

This hoist is quicker and easier to set up and also safer for the construction worker. The hoists can lift loads of up to 200 kg with 80 metres of working rope length. 40 metres is the standard height of lift if the hoist body is at ground level, if it is carried (it weighs around 40kg!) to a higher level, then the height of lift will increase.

Builders Hoist Accessories

There is a great range of accessories on the market for hoists, take a look at our range to see if we have a scaffold hoist accessory to suit your lifting needs. We have brick baskets, wheelbarrows, buckets and carriers, solar lifting frame and more.

Contacting LGD

Call 01384 76961 if you need to speak to a member of our team. Lifting Gear Direct will address your needs and make sure you get the right hoist  and any supplementary lifting equipment for your lifting operation. Another way to get in touch is by email, this can be done through the flashing rapid enquiry form button or the main contact us page.


Power SupplySingle Phase
Tension230v / 110v
Motor Power1000w
Maximum Capacity200kg
Working Length80m
Lifting Speed22 / 11-40 ver. Inverter m/min
Hoist Weight40kg
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