Leuropea he 150 veloce scaffold winch

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L'Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch

L'Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch

The HE 150 Veloce from TEA’s family of L’Europea scaffold hoists is one of the quickest models we stock in this particular category of lifting equipment.

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 Thanks to its 33 metre per minute average lifting speed, it can outpace its competitors and boost cycle rates by a significant amount. When working to a tight deadline on a construction job, this can make all the difference. 

Overview of L’Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Winch Features

The HE 150 Veloce comes complete with pendant control & Scaffold Brackets. Its main specifications include:

  • Motor type: Single phase
  • Voltage : 110v/220v
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Max. lifting capacity: 150kg
  • Engine power : 1000W
  • Lifting speed : 33 m/Min
  • Cable length : 40m
  • Steel cable diameter : 4mm
  • Cable breaking point under load : 11.28kN
  • Hoist weight : 40kg
  • Dimensions : (mm) 830 x 270 x 520
  • Extend Reach "A" Frame : 745mm to 120mm 

Advantages of L’Europea HE 150 Veloce Scaffold Hoist

As has already been suggested, the biggest perk that this particular TEA hoist brings to the table is its rapid lifting speed. Dig a little deeper into the specifications and you will see that this is just the start of the story. 

Another noteworthy benefit is the 40 metre cable length that is included as standard, meaning it can cope with lifting jobs at greater heights than some of the other L’Europea models. In spite of its potent 1000w motor, it still manages to tip the scales at just 40kg, meaning that this hoist will not put unnecessary strain on the scaffolding to which it is attached, which is important for safety. 

Comparing Scaffold Hoist Options

Lifting Gear Direct is home to a huge variety of equipment, so our scaffold hoists are not the only option you have when you need to lift and manoeuvre heavy loads. We also sell jib cranes for a more permanent setup, manual chain blocks to add to a range of lifting assemblies and all the accessories you could need for scaffold and gantry hoists. 

Scaffold hoists like the HE 150 Veloce are fairly specialised in some respects, since they are designed for use in conjunction with scaffolding and have payload capacities to match the limitations of such a structure. This model proves that a limited load carrying potential does not need to be a deal breaker when comparing lifting equipment. 

Request Information About L’Europea Scaffold Hoists

You may have more than a few questions that need answering before you can decide whether or not the HE 150 Veloce is the right hoist for you as we have such a large range of hoisting equipment. We want to make sure that our customers are fully informed, so please contact us online or by calling 01384 76961 and one of our team will give you any assistance and info you need.