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Dynamo Eye Bolts

Dynamo Eye Bolt Prices Start From 75p at Lifting Gear Direct

Standardised metric and Whitworth threads are available from our dynamo eye bolt range as well as more specialist options, including long shank eye bolts, our range is undeniably extensive. To find out more about each of the different dynamo eye bolts we offer at Lifting Gear Direct, keep reading below or check out individual products for all the specifications they offer. 

Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Dynamo Eye Bolt Metric Thread


 They have also been designed to fit in with a number of international stan..

Dynamo Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread


They can be useful for a huge number of load-bearing purposes. We can supply the..

Green Pin Dynamo Eye Bolt - Din580 Metric Green Pin Dynamo Eye Bolt - Din580 Metric

Green Pin Dynamo Eye Bolt - Din580 Metric


 Our expansive eyebolt range includes lots of similarly compelling options,..

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Dynamo Eye Bolts

Dig into our dynamic array of dynamo eye bolts and you will uncover a collection of compellingly different, similarly well-made products that cater to a lot of different niches in the lifting accessory market. 

Metric Thread Dynamo Eye bolt

Encompassing a broad number of different thread lengths and dimensions, these bolts manage to meet contemporary standards in terms of the form they take. This also gives you access to plenty of load limits across the range, kicking off with a compact 100kg unit and concluding with a 3.2 tonne-rated anchor point. All the technical details and relevant diagrams can be found on the product page, or you can use our contact details below to learn more about our metric thread dynamo eyebolts

BSW Thread Dynamo Eye bolt

Formed to comply with traditional British standards, our Whitworth thread dynamo eyebolts are of just as high a quality as their metric counterparts. They also begin with the same safe working load of 100kg, but manage to offer a greater range-topping ability to tackle 3.5 tonnes of weight. This is an example of where having an eye for detail can make a big difference, as two seemingly similar products can actually be quite different when you take a closer look. 

Long Shank Dynamo Eye bolt

As with our aforementioned dynamo eye bolts that have a standard shank length, this long shank range includes both BSW and metric thread products, between which there are a few key distinctions. 

The BSW thread long shank dynamo eyebolts runs from 250kg to 2.2 tonnes in terms of load limits, with the dimensions expressed in imperial measurements. The metric line up is again a little less hefty, with 150kg to 2 tonnes of capacity. 

Since metric threads are by far the most common and compatible, this may be the more popular of the pair. Irrespective of this, we can supply both types of bolts in whatever sizes and quantities you require, allowing you to get on with your next project safe in the knowledge that they are fully load tested and compliant with safety regulations

More Anchor Point Products

Our eye bolts do not stop with dynamo designs; take a look at the collared eye bolt line up or the versatile swivel eye bolts to see exactly what else we can offer our customers. Our entire lifting equipment range is crammed with high quality options of all kinds. 

Talking to Lifting Gear Direct

Making contact with our sales team is a straightforward process, whichever way you choose to go about it. If you want to call, our number is 01384 76961 and you will get through to an expert who can tell you all you need to know about eyebolts and lifting equipment. Should you be better equipped to email us, all the details of how to do so can be found here.


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