Long shank eye bolts

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Long Shank Eye Bolts

Need Eye Bolts with a longer Shank? Look no further!

These long shank eye bolts from the  lifting accessories collection at Lifting Gear direct have a much longer threaded shank than the standard type of eyebolts. With standard ones ranging up to 112mm and the longshank lifting eyes ranging up to 178mm. This makes them ideal for fitting to deeper surfaces and for giving a better grip.

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Metric Thread


You can find a full table with all the technical details below, or read on to ge..

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread


 We also stock metric thread counterparts, as well as examples with a reeva..

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric Thread Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric Thread

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Metric Thread


 A standard metric collared eyebolt is already fairly well equipped for thi..

Long Shank Collared Eye Bolt with Reevable Egg Link - Whitworth


 That is where our Whitworth thread long shank collared eye bolt with reeva..

Long Shank Dynamo Eye Bolt Whitworth Thread


 The fact that the standard is still in use today shows just how effective ..

Long Shank Dynamo Eye Bolts Metric Thread

Long Shank Dynamo Eye Bolts Metric Thread


 Our metric thread dynamo eye bolts with a longer shank sit in an all-encom..

Stainless Steel Long Shank Eye Bolt with Nut & Washer - Untested

Stainless Steel Long Shank Eye Bolt with Nut & Washer - Untested


 Although it has not been tested for load-handling purposes, it does come p..

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Long Shank Eye Bolts

An eye bolt offers a means to anchor equipment. They have a threaded screw shank with an eye at the top. The screw threaded shank can be fitted to numerous surfaces once a hole has been pre-drilled into it. This will need to be the precise diameter of the shank in order for it to fit securely. This is important as it will be taking a lot of strain, especially when used in lifting applications.

About Long Shank Eye Bolts

The screw shank of a long shank eye bolt is much longer than a standard eye bolt.

The standard variety tend to have a stubby shank with lengths ranging from around 90mm to 112mm. The long shank variety has length around 100mm to 178mm depending on the model chosen. As you can see the latter is much longer. These can be perfect for thicker surfaces and will give a stronger grip.

Dynamo or Collared Eye Bolt

The two most commonly used eye bolts are the collared and dynamo varieties. Their design varies subtly, however their uses are quite different. This is all down to the collar size and where it is located.

A dynamo eye bolt has a smaller collar between the eye and shank. This type of eye bolt must only be used for axial/straight in-line lifting. They can not be used for angled lifting.

Collared eye bolts on the other hand can be used to lift at certain angles if used correctly. In design the larger collar forms the lower part of the eye and a thread run out before the thread begins on the shank. This gives them a much more secure grip. It supports the eye whilst preventing the shank from bending and loosening. Collared eye bolts tend to have smaller internal eye diameters when compared to its dynamo counterpart.

Always refer to the manufacturers instructions and lifting charts which show the types of lift and SWL that re suitable.

Long Shank Eye bolt Varieties

Lifting Gear Direct can supply a good selection of long shank eye bolts. Both collared and dynamo varieties are available. You can purchase these with metric threads, UNC threads (not dynamo) or Whitworth threads depending on your requirements.

Our range of long shank collared eye bolts has the largest choice. This collection includes standard long shanks with just the normal eye. It also includes eye bolts with a reevable egg link or an oval link. These often remove the need for a shackle to be used as a connector between the sling and eye bolt because the hole/eye is too small to accept a sling hook. The link is larger and moves within the eye and therefore can benefit angled loading.

Other types of eye bolts

We have a wide range of different eye bolts to choose from. These include stainless steel eye bolts which also has a long shank variety, eyenuts and bow nuts and also special application eye bolts.

All are available in a large range of safe working loads and thread diameters.

We are also able to supply a wide range of swivel eye bolts and swivel load rings from some of the top manufacturers including RUD and Yoke. These are becoming increasingly popular due to their flexibility in use.

You can find out the specific measurements in the technical tables on the respective product page.

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