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Special Eyebolts

Eye Bolts for Special tasks

Special eye bolts are part of the complete eye bolt range which includes stainless steel eye bolts and dynamo eye bolts. However, if you are looking for bolts that have a more specialised design and purpose, this special eye bolt category is the one to consider. It is packed with products like gate eye bolts and grade 8 eye bolts which serve a unique purpose within a bespoke lifting assembly.

Gate Eye Bolts


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Grade 8 Eyebolts - Metric


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Special Eyebolts

 Let us dive right in and take you through what each of these special eye bolts has to offer. 

Grade 8 Eye Bolts

With a bright red finish, these eye bolts comply with strict manufacturing standards and can boast higher working load limits than almost any of our other lifting accessories. The colour also helps with minimising wear and tear as well as reducing the likelihood of corrosion taking hold on the surface. 

With a metric thread, the quenched and tempered alloy steel used in their construction is not only resistant to fatigue, but can handle increased torque and tension. This in turn means the range can safely handle loads ranging from 200kg right up to 36 tonnes. Shipped to you complete with an EC declaration of conformity, you should have comprehensive confidence in the capabilities of these anchor points. 

Gate Eye Bolts

As the name suggests, these eye bolts are supplied with an adjustable gate, letting them take on various roles while giving you more control. Load limits start at 0.2 tonnes and rise up to 1.79 tonnes, with a host of different lengths available. These bolts feature a metric thread form and are fashioned from high tensile steel, which will not fatigue or shear when put under pressure. 

Perhaps most impressive of all is the fact that our gate eye bolts come with a super high safety rating, with the MBL outstripping the SWL by a factor of eight. This is clearly significant in the case of an eye bolt with an adjustable gate. 

Considerations for Special Eye Bolt Buyers

When it comes to choosing the right eye bolt, there are certainly a lot of different facts and figures to take into account. On each product page we attempt to supply as much relevant information as possible, so you can tell at a glance whether or not a particular anchor point is going to cut the mustard. 

Looking at the load limit should be the first thing you do. This goes hand in hand with the material from which the eye bolt is produced, as well as the finish that is applied. Inspecting and maintaining lifting gear regularly is essential, so you can save yourself a lot of time and cash by picking the perfect part for the job. 

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The last thing we want is for our special eye bolts to leave you confused, so you can always drop us an email or give us a ring on 01384 76961 to get to the bottom of any issues you have. The Lifting Gear Direct  sales team can also conjure up a quick quote for whatever lifting equipment you want to order when you get in touch, so do not delay.


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