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Gin wheel pulley rope

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Gin Wheel Pulley Rope

Gin Wheel Pulley Rope

Buy ropes for your gin wheels and rope pulleys from Lifting Gear Direct at great prices.

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  • £40.47

 This pulley rope is perfectly produced to be compatible with such a setup, providing durability and strength for total handling safety. 

Basic features

This wheel pulley rope has a 3/4 inch diameter and is ideal for our gin wheels / rope pulley blocks. This kind of equipment can be used for lifting lighter loads to a convenient height, while avoiding the need for separate powered hoists or other equivalent kit. 

Made from sisal this 3 strand rope is waterproofed for added protection. This means that it should be able to survive for longer during both indoor and outdoor applications, delivering better value in the long term. 

You may want to pair this product with a lifting assembly to suit its specs, in which case one of our own lifting gantries or jib cranes could be appealing. 


We can supply the gin wheel pulley rope in any length with your choice of fitting hand spliced at one end, this is usually a safety hook or a shackle. With our extensive array of shackles, you have plenty of choice in this respect. If you have an alternative fitting you would like to be included, use our contact details below to ask us about whether this would be a possibility. 

The length and ID. is marked at spliced end, and full certification provided. This should ensure that you use the gin wheel pulley rope as intended, adhering to the load capacity limitations and other specifications to limit the likelihood of accidents during deployment. 

How to get in touch

You can ask questions and get quotes for any of the products we supply here at Lifting Gear Direct by either emailing our sales team or giving them a call on 01384 76961. Our experts are friendly and knowledgeable so no issue is too tough to overcome with their help.