Rud wpph s swivel eye bolt

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RUD WPPH-S Swivel eye Bolt

RUD WPPH-S Swivel eye Bolt

With 6 models in the RUD WPPH-S Swivel eye Bolt range, there should be something to suit your needs.

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About the RUD WPPH-S Swivel eye Bolt

This is a universal swivel eye bolt by RUD. It is for welding on to create a permanent anchor point. Rather than a typical ring the WPPH-S has a hook complete with a safety catch. The catch ensures that any equipment fitted to it will remain there until removed.

The complete hook is able to pivot through 230 degrees which enables a wide spectrum of lifting angles. Referring to the load angle charts is imperative to ensure you are using the eye bolt within safe limits.

Ideal for angled lifting applications with the use of chain slings, round slings, wire ropes or hook & ring assemblies. Our range includes models with safe working loads from 0.63t up to 8 tonne. The WPPH-S can be used individually or in multiples to facilitate larger loads.

The temperature range where these eye bolts can be safely used is pretty big. From minus 40 degrees right up to +200 degrees are deemed safe.

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Type WLL (t) A B C D E G Weld Weight (kg) approx.   
WPPH-S-0.63t 0.63 13 75 18 34 109 34 3.5 0.35
WPPH-S-1.5t 1.5 20 97 25 40 141 44 4.5 0.95
WPPH-S-2.5t 2.5 28 126 30 53 179 53 HY3+5 1.4
WPPH-S-4t 4 36 150 35 68 217 66 HY3+6 3.2
WPPH-S-5t 5 (6.7) 37 174 40 83 253 79 HY3+8 6.9
WPPH-S-8t 8 (10) 49 208 48 88 296 88 HY3+10 8
( ) increased WLL in axial load direction        
wpphs load chart