Pipe lifting pins quick release

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Pipe Lifting Pins - Quick Release

Pipe Lifting Pins - Quick Release

These pipe lifting pins are the quick release variety enabling quick and easy insertion and removal from pipes etc.

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About Pipe Lifting Pins

Pipe lifting pins are used for the lifting, lowering and placement of concrete pipe sections, usually down manholes or other underground areas. They are easy to use and have the added benefit of a quick release mechanism which enables speedy task completion.

There are 4 Standard sizes available, specials may be available to order.

The lifting pins simply push through the holes within the pipe and the locking lever is flipped down 180 degrees, securing the pin in place ready for lifting. This process is simply reversed for fast removal.

Easy attachment for chain slings.

Proof loaded and may be used with sling angles of not more than 60 degrees.

Lifting pins must never be used singly. They can be used in pairs for smaller pipes but are typically used in sets of 3 or more for larger pipes.


Shock loading can be over twice the static load, therefore exceeding the SWL may result in failure of the lifting pin.

Other Pipe Lifting Clamps

Lifting Gear Direct has a range of lifting clamps which can be utilized for pipe lifting tasks. The Camlok TCK is a 'C' hook with a single arm and can be used for lifting pipes sideways (with the hollow center section in a horizontal plain). The TCS 'C' hook enables the turning of pipes. The Camlok TDI can grab coils and hollow pipes from the inside and have a choice of jaw options for the best grip on the item being lifted. We also supply the Camlok TRU stock grab which grabs the pipes from the outside. 

Browse our collection of lifting clamps to see the full range on offer; give us a call if you require any help with your choice.

Diameter of pin (mm) Maximum wall thickness (mm) Safe Working Load (KG)  
25 120 750         
32 150 1000
35 175 1500
38 215 2000