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3000kg mobile gantry crane

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3000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane

3000kg Mobile A Frame Gantry Crane

This is one of our larger mobile systems and is able to easily pick up any load up to its working load limit of 3000kg. Our 3 tonne gantries can be customized with parking jacks, isolator switches and hoisting devices.

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The beauty of a mobile A Frame crane is that you can take the load to the gantry or take the  gantry to the load. 

3000kg Portable A Frame Gantry Dimensions

With a maximum under beam height of 4.5 metres and maximum span of 5 metres, this 3000kg system can be produced to any measurement below these dimensions. 

They are simple to erect as their 3 parts simply bolt together, which also makes them easy to move to other sites on a lorry. This means that they truly are portable and will not limit you to only tackling lifting tasks from a single location. Just make sure you have the right safety gear and follow industry regulations when using and moving your gantry. 

3 Tonne Mobile A Frame Crane Extra Kit

To further enhance your crane, we can also offer festoon systems/catenary wires and isolator switches/knockout boxes as optional extras, along with additional lifting equipment, such as beam trolleys & clamps and hoisting equipment. 

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There are several ways to get in touch with Lifting Gear Direct if you have questions about the portable mobile gantry and A Frame systems we manufacture. Call 01384 76961 if you want additional information or a quote. Email us by visiting the contact page on our site, where you can fill in a form to get in touch. Our team is looking forward to your message.

                    mobile gantry crane optional extras

3000kg mobile gantry size options

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
3000kg 3000mm 3000mm
3000kg 3000mm 4000mm
3000kg 3000mm 5000mm
3000kg 4500mm 3000mm
3000kg 4500mm 4000mm
3000kg 4500mm 5000mm