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Disposable One Way Slings

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Welcome to our range of one use disposable slings, which are suitable for loading and off-loading at the final destination, where the customer will then use their own slings. Like our full range of lifting slings, these single use examples can be made to order. Whatever length, configuration or end termination accessories you require, we can create a sling that ticks all the boxes. Read on to get a full introduction to the options that are available, to find out about the perks of one way slings and for details on how to place an order with us. 

Quick Rundown of Disposable Sling Benefits

  • Manufactured in-house.
  • Can be produced with soft eyes each end, or endless and in any length and/or safe working load.
  • Special slings with wear pads to lift barges, etc are also available. 

Advantages of Single Use Slings

endless one way slingsAs the name suggests, these slings are built to take on lifting and loading tasks when large examples of cargo are in transit, before being disposed of at the end of the journey. 

The good news is that thanks to recent changes to regulations, the safety factor of single use slings has increased to 7:1. This makes them sturdier and more stable than in the past, which in turn gives you the option to re-use them if necessary. This is not just a cost-effective benefit, but also a positive step in terms of sustainability and eco-friendliness. 

Of course another reason that one way slings are destroyed after a single use is if the task they were designed for makes them too specific in terms of their dimensions to be useful for anything else. Whatever the case, you can rely on our high quality slings to get the job done. 

Sling Options

Because we make slings according to the unique specifications requested by our customers, there is almost no limit to the variety of single use lifting products we can produce. If you want a sling of a specific width or length, you need only ask. If you want a sling which has a pattern stitched into it to indicate its safe working load, this is an option. Labels can be added to provide more information about the capabilities of and restrictions relating to a given sling. 

Another decision you will have to make when ordering disposable one way slings from us is the material used. We offer both polypropylene and polyester slings, with either one of these synthetic fibres providing exceptional strength and durability, especially when compared with natural equivalents. They will not be compromised by mildew or succumb to the kind of wear and tear you might expect in lifting operations. 

Other Customisations

As already covered briefly above, the ends of our disposable one way slings can either be stitched to form a soft eye, or fashioned into an endless loop. The former will make them easy to anchor to a suitable lifting shackle, such as our sling saver shackles. The latter will let you loop the sling around an object and handle it with ease. Endless loop slings are particularly well suited to handling cylindrical loads, such as metal piping. 

In terms of working load limits, there are a lot of options and you will be impressed with just how tough our single use slings can be, in spite of their disposable nature. Expect to be able to lift up to 1.5 tonnes using a one way sling, while always benefitting from the aforementioned safety factor that will give you peace of mind. 

Our other Lifting Slings

The line up of lifting slings you can find on our site isn’t just limited to disposable solutions. We also stock a huge variety of other options, including sturdy chain slings which can be used again and again to handle large loads safely and efficiently. We offer fibre rope slings, with both synthetic and natural materials available. Our round slings are great for use in situations where you want to protect the surface of the load from abrasions. We can even supply stainless steel lifting chains which are ideal for marine environments where corrosion is an issue that needs to be overcome. 

Whichever type of sling fits the bill for you, we can rustle up a bespoke assembly that is competitively priced, swiftly shipped and safety tested to ensure there are no questions about its quality. If you need more custom lifting kit, check out our extensive selection of jib cranes and gantries. 

Contact our team to place an order

You can count on Lifting Gear Direct to supply bespoke lifting slings and equipment of all kinds. To get in touch for more info, a quote or with a question, call 01384 76961. You can also email us from our site. We endeavour to answer all queries quickly and accurately.

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