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Chain slings grade 10

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Chain Slings grade 10

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Grade 10 chain slings are the same physical size as the same grade 8 counterpart however the grade of the steel from which it is made means it is much stronger and can therefore lift heavier loads. Together with our grade 10 components we can make up the best  sling combination to suit your lifting application.  Check out the full chain sling line up for more variations.

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10 Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10

Single Leg Chain Sling Grade 10


About the Grade 10 Single Leg Chain Sling Suitable for lifting lighte..

Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10 Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10

Double Leg Chain Sling grade 10


About the Grade 10 Double Leg Chain Sling  Amongst our large line up ..

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10

3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10


About the 3 Leg Chain Sling Grade 10  We produce and supply custom li..

4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10 4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10

4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10


About the 4 Leg Chain Sling grade 10  Fashioned from high quality gra..

Endless Chain Sling Grade 10


About the Endless chain sling Grade 10 For an endless design chain sling, this ..

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Chain Slings grade 10

About Grade 10 chain

Our standard grade 10 chain has a painted blue finish for easier identification and has 25% more strength than grade 8 chain; it can also reduce a slings weight by up to 40% and has better wear resistance.

Grade 10 Sling Components

Our LGD standard range of grade 10 components include a many different types of hooks in various sizes and safe working loads, we also stock shortening hooks and masterlinks for 1, 2, 3 & 4 leg slings; endless slings can also be made to suit. Other grade 10 sling components in our range include swivel hooks, self locking hooks, foundry hooks, Clevis hooks, quick connectors, standard and special master links; so whatever your slinging needs are, we can help.

Chain For Lifting - the Facts.

Chain slings themselves do not actually lift the load but provides a strong and safe means of connecting the load to the hoisting system.

The versatility of this sling type is due to the fact that they are available in different assemblies, endless, 1, 2, 3 or 4 leg options, each one can be used in different types of hitches, so there will usually be something suitable for the majority of loads that need to be lifted and moved. They can also be fitted with a wide variety of hooks and master links, such as open hooks or hook’s with safety catches etc. The type of sling needed and the type of hitch used will always be dependent on the type of load to be lifted.

Chain Sling Hitches

The 3 most popular types of hitches are the straight hitch, basket hitch and choke lift. Different hitches can be useful when lifting loads of different sizes and shapes.

A straight hitch is where the chain in vertically in line with the load hooks.  A choke hitch encompasses the load and hooks back into the chain. A basket hitch encompasses the load but hooks back into the master link.

Slinging angles and hitch types play an important part in the safety of a slung load; please refer to the charts for full information as the safe working load limit often needs to be reduced from the stated limit when the angle or hitch changes from the norm.

Chain Lifting Sling Safety

It is wise to remember that just 1 weak link is all it takes for the chain  and subsequently the lift to fail which could have serious consequences. Regular inspections by a qualified person can alleviate many problems and most UK companies will have their slings inspected every six months to ensure they are kept in tip top and safe condition.

Safe slinging practices should always be applied to all slinging operations.

Contacting LGD

 Ordering your sling online should be fairly straight forward, choosing your requirements from the drop down menus before adding to your shopping cart. If there is not an option for the type you need, then please get in touch, we can make up almost any type of sling to your exact specifications and at probably the lowest prices around. You can use the contact page to find the contact details for phone and email.

We also supply Stainless steel chain slings if these would better suit your needs.

Remember that our team of engineers at LGD can inspect, repair and test your chain slings, supplying test certification for your records.

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