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Load Binders

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Load binders are perfect for securing larger loads to your lorry or truck. We can supply simple lever load binders as well as the ratchet lever load binders for heavier duty applications. Chain and hook fittings are also available.

Ratchet load binders

Ratchet Load Binders are probably the easiest way to get your loads secured down tightly, the ratchet mechanism does all the hard work, all you need to do is crank the handle back and forth until the required tension is reached.

These varieties consist of gears and pawls and the handle is used to create the ratchet action to turn the gears and in turn tighten the chain. This action also ensures that there is not as much energy stored in the handle and so is less likely to recoil/whip back, unlike a lever binder. The ratchet mechanism also allows the chain to be tightened in finer increments.

Standard load binders

Lever load binders are attached the same way; however, they require much more strength, as force/leverage is needed to push back the lever in order to tension the chain. This is not only more physically demanding but can be more hazardous, as the lever stores kinetic energy and can recoil/snap back, unless you have a newer version with a locking pin to prevent this. Lever binders are usually easier to install and maintain due to the fact it has less moving parts.

see our video for more clarity on this topic.

We can supply any size and length of chain as well as any type of fitting, though the hook with safety catch type are the best for use with our load binders, as the safety catch will stop the chain from slipping out/off whilst the chain is still slack.

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