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Battery Magnet Lifters

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Battery powered lifting magnets differ from permanent lifting magnets in that they utilise power from the onboard battery pack to magnetise the device rather than locking down a lever. (though the Eclipse magnet utilizes both methods). Battery lifting magnets are able to lift and handle heavier loads as they have more power. We have a choice of battery magnet lifters with lifting capacities going up to 5000kg.

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM1350


It is a convenient option for a variety of tricky lifting tasks where other trad..

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM2500


 Perks of the BUX BM2500 Battery Magnet Lifter Weighs 72kg. Tested brea..

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM3600


 Its rechargeable battery allows for a manoeuvrable, versatile design that ..

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BM5000


 Its heavy-duty capabilities make it perfect for managing unwieldy steel lo..

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BMP1800


 It is one of our most versatile battery powered lifting magnets. Just be s..

BUX Battery Powered Lifting Magnet BMP3600


Features of the BUX BMP3600 Designed to lift irregular shaped objects, such a..

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Battery Magnet Lifters

Battery Magnet Lifters

These battery magnet lifters are ideal for lifting steel in a variety of areas such as receiving and dispatch areas, steel yards, steel production plants and when using cut-off saws, welding tables millers, grinders and more.  Battery magnet lifters are used for a variety of lifting applications including handling sheet steel, die blocks, forgings, machined components and many more. 

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Benefits of a Battery Magnet Lifter

The batteries on these magnet lifters are located onboard and are rechargeable. They come with remote control options to enable lifting and lowering loads without being in the danger zone. The simple and compact design makes transportation and storage easy, as well as being a low maintenance lifting device.

The battery magnet lifters all incorporate safety mechanisms to ensure optimum safe use, these vary across the brand and model ranges, you can find out more about the relevant safety features on each product page.

We can offer a range of battery powered lifting magnets from market leaders Bux and Eclipse. The BUX BP range and the Eclipse model are capable of handling cylindrical steel objects as well as flat, making them quite versatile, though using them for round object will affect the safe working load limitations, so always refer to the instruction manual for correct procedures and lifting capacity reduction figures. The Bux BM model range is larger though is only ideal for flat sheet materials.

Eclipse Magnets

The Eclipse battery magnet works slightly differently to the BUX range; The Eclipse magnet combines battery power with a permanent magnet; the battery is only used to energise the magnets whilst the actual lifting power is provided by the permanent ‘rare earth’ magnets, the self-activating /de-activating operation of this particular magnet enables operation from a safe distance (see product for more details). Bux battery magnets on the other hand uses the battery power for engaging and releasing the load and have a range of safety audible and visual alarms and other safety features to ensure continuous safety whilst in use. (see individual products for more details).

Operating BUX battery magnets

Bux magnets can be operated from the main unit or the remote control.

When the ‘LIFT’ button is pressed the magnet it will energise/magnetise, an alarm will sound and red/danger button will light up during this process, when there is sufficient magnetic energy the alarm and red light will extinguish; now the magnet is ready to use. If however the light or alarm continues then the magnet is not safe to use.  Releasing the load is also straightforward, when the load has been set down the release button may be pressed, on the remote control unit 2 release buttons must be pressed simultaneously. The red light and alarm will come on for a few seconds whilst the magnet is discharging, when the light goes out and the alarm stops you should then lift the magnet very slightly to ensure the load has been completely released.

There are indicators on the panel which indicate the battery charge, when all green lights go out then do not use the magnet until the battery has been recharged. Always refer to the instructions issued with your magnet to ensure correct operation.

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