Verlinde Stagemaker SM Electric Hoist

Verlinde Stagemaker SM Electric Hoist

Gis GCH electric hoist

GIS GCH Electric Hoist

Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric Hoist

This is the latest Stagemaker electric hoist from Verlinde and is the perfect electric hoist for applications in the entertainment sector, such as stage lighting and many other types of entertainment rigging applications.

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Stagemaker entertainment hoists have an excellent reputation across the world thanks to their reliability and long life span. Additionally, the Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric hoist can be used in a number of ways and customised, they can be tailored to suit your needs.

Key Features of the Verlinde Stagemaker SR Electric Hoist

The Stagemaker SR electric hoist has a range of innovative components to help to ensure optimum safety, smooth running and precise positioning. There are three main areas;

The load wheel boasts a new, perfect push model and incorporates a 5 pocketed load wheel and 5 intermediate teeth. Chain guiding is much improved with these components and the risk of chain jams is minimised.

The new chain flux system enables the chain to flow horizontally from the load wheel. This not only helps to reduce chain jamming but also enables the chain to flow fluidly into the chain collector container. The chain flux component has a drain hole within the housing; this will prevent water build up in the load wheel section.

The third new component is the limit flux. This is a limiting device which is fitted in the chain flux. Its purpose is to enable you to set hook or hoist positions with very good accuracy which is actually just the size of 1 chain link. Fitting and moving the limit fluxes is simple as they are operated by upper and lower magnetic rings which can be placed anywhere along the chain.

Other Features of the SR Stagemaker Hoist

The Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric hoist has many other features and benefits for use in the entertainment sector. They can be used in an industrial suspension configuration OR it can be used as a climbing hoist, where the hoist is basically inverted and the whole hoist body will raise and lower on the load chain. The switch between the two configurations is a simple process of reversing the chain container and turning the hoist upside down.

The chain containers are made from high grade fabric and have large chain capacities; they can also be completely removed if needed.

The hoist motor will keep consistent speeds whether loaded or not. There are buffers made from rubber on the corners of the hoist to give the body extra protection if it comes into contact with other objects. Both the upper and lower hooks are the swivelling type. The SR also boasts a double lifting brake and retractable hand grips.

Operating sound levels are just 60dB and can be used in extreme temperatures (-20C° to +50 C° / -4 to 122 degrees F).

The black streamlined, rounded body helps it to blend into its background, this is extremely important for stage productions. The SR Stagemaker meets ecology regulations and is RohS compliant.

There are many lifting capacity options for the Verlinde Stagemaker SR electric hoists. They range from 125kg up to 5000kg with many other incremental capacities in between. There is also a range of optional equipment to choose from including:

  • single brake
  • push button controls
  • 4,8,12 or 32 channel controllers
  • Low voltage control (48V) version B
  • Flight cases for 1 or 2 motors
  • Non rotating hooks
  • Eye suspension
  • Industrial chain guide
  • Encoder
  • Load measuring system
  • VBG-C1

Control Options

There are numerous ways in which the SR Stagemaker electric hoist can be operated. We can offer three different controller packs to suit a variety of scenarios. There is the Eco pack, the Rigger pack and the theatre pack. They can be easily incorporated thanks to the hoists plug and play functionality. The controllers come with either 4, 8 or 12 channels. They can also be conveniently integrated into a compact flight case or vertical flight case.

The benefits of these controllers includes enabling you to control the show motors by groups or individually. There is a motor pre-selection for each unit and selection panel / remote control unit which come as standard. Stagemaker controllers can be connected with a master/slave function; all motors selected will activate all together at the touch of 1 button.

Take a look at the technical details below, if you need any more details on this or any other electric hoist then please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Lifting Gear Direct

verlinde SR controller packs

Load capacity BGV-D8 ModelBGV-D8+ ModelHoist speed 50Hz (m/min)Number of fallsChain size Ø(mm) x pitch (mm)Motor power (kW)Weight (without chain) (KG)Dimensions with 2 Brakes
A mmB mmC mm
125KG SR1 124 m1 A414 x 110.2510.4344¹153100
SR5 1216 m1 A1615 x 140.4530.5502³280164
160 kg SR2 164 m2 A414 x 110.2320.1477²240140
SR2 168 m2 A814 x 110.4520.1477²240140
250KGSR1 254m1 A 414 x 110.1910.4344¹153100
SR1 252 m1 A224 x 110.1910.4344¹153100
SR5 254 m2 A415 x 140.4530.5502³280164
SR5 258 m2 A815 x 140.930.5502³280164
SR5 2516m1 A 1615 x 140.930.5502³280164
SR10 2516 m1 A1617 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
320 KGSR2 324 m2 A 414 x 110.2320.1477²240140
SR2 328 m1 A 814 x 110.4520.1477²240140
500 KGSR1 502 m1 A 224 x 110.1910.4344¹153100
SR5 504 m1 A 415 x 140.4530.5502³280164
SR10 504 m2 A417 x 200.944.6544⁴335181
SR5 508 m1 A 815 x 140.930.5502³280164
SR10 508 m1 A817 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
SR10 516 m1 A 1617 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
800 KG SR10 804 m1 A427 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
1000 KGSR10 1004 m2 A 417 x 200.944.6544⁴335181
SR10 1004 m1 A427 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
SR10 1008 m1 A 817 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
1250 KG SR25 1204 m1 A4111.3 x 313.698649⁵393205
SR25 1208 m1 A8111.3 x 313.698649⁵393205
1600 KGSR10 1604 m1A 427 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
2000 KGSR10 2004 m1A 427 x 201.844.6544⁴335181
2500 KGSR25 2504 m2 A 4111.3 x 313.698649⁵393205
SR25 2504 m1A4211.3 x 313.698649⁵393205
SR25 2508 m1A 8111.3 x 313.698649⁵393205
5000 KGSR25 5004 m2A 4211.3 x 313.698649⁵393205

verlinde SR stagemaker electric hoist SR dimensions

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