Donati DMK Electric Hoist

Donati DMK Electric Hoist

Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Verlinde VL Electric Chain Hoist

Verlinde VR Electric Hoist

The design of the Verlinde VR electric hoist is somewhat contemporary in appearance and has been designed using the latest technology, new materials and new operating concepts which enable it to adapt to individual needs.

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The VR is also available with a step-less lifting speed mode which offers smoother lifting, rapid accelerations and slow- downs with no jerkiness; this is available as the VR Vario model with lifting capacities up to 2500kg.

Key Benefits of the Verlinde VR Electric Hoist

The Verlinde VR hoist comes in a wide range of lifting capacities which range from the smallest at 63kg to the largest at 5000kg. It also boasts the benefit of being able to lift up to 2500kg on a single fall of chain, other hoist brands often only lift to 1000kg on a single fall; this benefit can reduce the amount of chain, chain bag dimensions and chain maintenance and replacement costs needed.

Lifting speeds of the VR hoist have been increased to help you reach maximum productivity; you can see the actual speeds obtainable in the tables below.

The motor on the VR electric hoists comes with dual speed as standard. The motor is kept cool by the forced ventilation system, where the strategically placed fan and vents enable optimum hot air evacuation. Keeping the motor cool together with its own thermal protection will greatly extend its working life.

The main body or the hoist is robust, with clean, smooth lines. The special epoxy powder coating enables operation in extreme temperatures, from -20 up to +50 degrees centigrade. What’s more these hoists comply with the ecology regulations and can be called environmentally friendly.

Another benefit to these hoists is the electronics used, printed circuit boards are used which incorporate removable plugs for ease of maintenance.

The lifting hook has been ergonomically designed to give you a much better gripping area. The rubberised coating also offers more protection to the lifting block. This larger than usual lifting hook comes with a safety catch and enables quick and easy attachment of lifting accessories. The top part (cone) of the hook has two purposes; it activates the electric limit switch and also serves to collect any surplus chain lubrication oil.

The Verlinde VR now incorporates a patented 5 pocket lifting nut with intermediate teeth which enables faultless control of the chain whilst avoiding the risk of jams. Electric limit switches secure up and down positions. The limiters will be activated alternately by the slack fall stop (under chain guidance system)and the hook’s upper cone.

The gearbox, clutch and brake have been designed for maximum operating hours (up to 3200 hours). Thanks to the lifetime lubricated reducer, high precision gear trains, easy access clutch and high performing disc brake.

The pendant control unit has a removable plug, operates with low voltage at 48v and has IP65 protection. Pendants are available with 2, 4 or 6 operational buttons; the choice will depend on how the hoist will be used, i.e. independently or with a travel trolley.

Other Key Features or the Verlinde VR Electric Chain Hoist

  • 3 metre height of lift as standard
  • Dual speed
  • IP55 lifting & travel motor
  • Thermal protection on motor
  • Removable command cable
  • Emergency stop button
  • Chain bag
  • Galvanised lifting chain
  • Power supply = 400v/3Ph/50Hz or 415v/3Ph/50Hz or 460v/3 Ph/60Hz

Lifting Gear Direct can also supply other Verlinde electric hoists including the slightly older VL range and Verlinde Stagemaker hoists. Our extensive range of hoisting equipment included not only electric chain hoists but also manual chain hoists and air hoists.

SWL (KG)Frame sizeFallsDuty group ISOChain sizeGear life (h)Motor typeMotor power HS (kW)Hoisting speed (m/min) Max. Amb temp (°c)₁ED% Starts/hour
63021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45824050300
021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45102.54050300
021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.451644050300
021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.452054050300
125021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45824050300
021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45102.54050300
021M54 x 111600MT07CA1040.451644050300
021M44 x 11800MT07CA1040.452054030180
160021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45824050300
021M64 x 113200MT07CA1040.45102.54050300
021M44 x 11800MT07CA1040.451644030180
250021M54 x 111600MT07CA1040.45824050300
021M44 x 11800MT07CA1040.45102.54030180
051M65 x 143200MT08CA2060.4541.34050300
051M65 x 143200MT08CA1060.981.34050300
051M54 x 111600MT08CA1060.9162.64050300
051M44 x 11800MT08CA1060.9203.24030180
320021M44 x 11800MT07CA1040.45824030180
051M44 x 11800MT08CA1060.9162.74030180
500051M55 x 141600MT08CA2060.4541.34050300
051M55 x 141600MT08CA1060.981.34050300
051M45 x 14800MT08CA1060.45101.64030180
630051M45 x 14800MT08CA2060.4541.34030180
051M45 x 14800MT08CA1060.981.34030180
251M69 x 273200MT10CC1063.6203.34050300
251M5/M6*9 x 273200MT10CC1063.6162.64050300
251M5/M6*9 x 273200MT10CC1063.6203.34050300
161M69 x 271600MT10CB1062.381.34050300
251M6*9 x 273200MT10CC1063.6162.64050300
161M59 x 271600MT10CB1062.381.34050300
251M611.3 x 313200MT10CC1063.612.524050300
162M69 x 273200MT10CB1062.36.314050300
251M611.3 x 313200MT10CC1063.681.34050300
162M69 x 273200MT10CB1062.340.74050300
251M511.3 x 311600MT10CC1063.681.34050300
3200162M59 x 271600MT10CB1062.340.74050300
252M611.3 x 313200MT10CC1063.66.314050300
4000252M611.3 x 313200MT10CC1063.640.74050300
5000252M511.3 x 311600MT10CC1063.640.74050300

Verlinde VR Dimensions

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