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Economy Cable Pullers

Buy Low Price Cable Pulling Machines at Lifting Gear Direct

We have 3 models in the economy range of cable pullers with lifting and pulling capacities of 800kg, 1600kg & 3200kg. Prices start at £144.53 and comes complete with 20 metres of wire rope, we can supply wire rope to any length with your chosen pulling machine if you require a different length. You can also buy Yale cable pullers and Tirfors here at Lifting Gear Direct at great prices.

Deltafor Cable Puller Winch Deltafor Cable Puller Winch

Deltafor Cable Puller Winch


About the Deltafor cable puller winch The Deltafor wire rope cable puller is ..

800kg Cable Puller (economy range)

800kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 800kg Cable Puller Cable pullers are the ideal tool for all work..

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)

1600kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 1600kg Cable Puller Lift, pull and tension loads easily with thi..

3200kg Cable Puller (economy range)

3200kg Cable Puller (economy range)


About the 3200kg Cable Puller This Cable puller is ideal to lift..

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About our Economy Cable Pullers

Our cable puller range encompasses various models, including these budget-friendly economy models which nevertheless manage to pack in plenty of performance potential and represent great value for money, regardless of the pulling and lifting operations you have in mind. Read on for more information and advice.

800kg Cable Puller (Economy Range)

While it packs a working load limit of 800kg, making it the most compact of this particular family of products, it is likely to provide more than enough capacity to cope with various tasks that you might want to throw at it. This makes it a cost-effective and versatile tool which will be eminently portable and easy to store when not in use.

1600kg Cable Puller (Economy Range)

The fact that this cable puller includes wire rope as standard is a clear advantage, since it means that you do not need to order any additional rope to start using it straight away. Of course if you do need more wire rope, or require something specific, Lifting Gear Direct can create custom assemblies to suit your needs.

3200kg Cable Puller (Economy Range)

This 3200kg capacity cable puller is the most popular model in the range, providing impressive specifications at a price that will put a smile on your face. It shares the same unfussy design as its lower capacity siblings, so you should be able to get to grips with it in a jiffy, even if you are new to using cable pullers.

Other winch products

Lifting Gear Direct stocks a superb range of winches to go along with our cable pullers, with brands like Yale and Pfaff represented in this extensive category.

Our wire rope winches are particularly popular and we offer models powered pneumatically, electrically and manually to fit every budget and scenario.

Some winches can be wall-mounted or fixed permanently in position, while others are intended to be portable, like cable pullers. It really depends on what you hope to achieve and whatever the case, we have products that will assist you.

Lots of lifting gear options

Lifting equipment is available in abundance from Lifting Gear Direct and our economy cable pullers are just the start in terms of what we offer to customers.

If you want gear from the biggest brands, we have all you could wish for, from Ace to Yoke. We also offer a line up of impressive own-brand products which we produce with engineering expertise in-house using the latest techniques and technologies. This means you can order custom crane and gantry systems as well as a lot of different lifting slings and other bespoke items, tailored to your needs. Everything we make is fully tested and complies with industry standards for safety.

While you are here, why not check out our material handling products, or browse our height safety equipment

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