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Low headroom i beam pillar swing jib crane

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Low Headroom I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane

Low Headroom I Beam Pillar Swing Jib Crane

If you have the need for a jib crane but the ceiling height in your workplace is fairly low then this low headroom I beam pillar jib crane could be just what you need.
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Low Headroom I Beam Pillar Jib Crane Features

These cranes are ideal for most lifting applications in locations where headroom may be limited. The solid steel ‘I’ Beam jib arm has a particularly robust though short under brace. This not only provides high load support for the beam and travelling loads, but the shorter design enables a longer hook travel path.

There are a range of capacities and reaches available which can be found in the specification table below. Also this range of Demag pillar mounted jib cranes can have a top slewing range of 290 degrees with the option of electric powered slewing.

Chemical anchor bolts are used for fitting these pillar mounted jib cranes to existing floors. Sometimes new foundations will need to be laid; if this is the case a slightly different method is used by using a template to precisely align the mounting holes.

Additional Lifting Equipment

Because the more standard I beams are used for these swing jibs you can choose from a wider range of lifting equipment to fit the beam. Lifting Gear Direct can supply beam clamps and a range of beam trolley’s including push travel, geared and powered. Electric hoists, air hoists and/or chain blocks are also readily available to fit your chosen trolley system. A Demag electric hoist is usually the most recommended hoist for a Demag Jib crane but can be used on the majority of other types of cranes too.

Purchasing a Jib Crane with Additional Lifting Gear.

It is really easy to order both cranes and other lifting equipment from LGD as we are a well established lifting gear company with connections to all the leading brands. We can order all the equipment you will need and arrange for the jib crane to be fitted too. What’s more we can provide servicing and inspections for all of your equipment. Call 01384 76961 or contact us by email.




Load capacity Outreach
[kg]  [m]
  2 3 4 5 6 7
80 D  D D D D D
125 D D D D D D
250 D  D D D D D
500 D D D D D D
1000 D D D D D D
1600 D D D D D D 
2000 D D D D  D  D