Ridgegear rgh2 front rear d harness

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Ridgegear RGH2 Front & rear D harness

Ridgegear RGH2 Front & rear D harness

The standard RGH2 is known as the workhorse of the industry and is possible the mostly used harness available.

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  • Product Code: Ridgegear RGH2 Front & rear D harness
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About the Ridgegear RGH2 Front & rear D harness

This harness has vast capabilities due to its front and rear 'D' ring attachment point; the front 'D' can be used with a rope and grab system for vertical protection, ideal when the wearer is continuously ascending or when restrained and more precise work positioning is required in either the vertical or horizontal plane.

The ring connection between the chest & shoulder straps enables no stress loading when force is placed on the front 'D' ring.