Crosby IPTKU Beam Clamp

Crosby IPTKU Beam Clamp

Crosby IPTKW Beam Clamp

You can buy this beam clamp as well as many other Crosby products from Lifting Gear Direct.

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About the Crosby IPTKW Beam Clamp

The IPTKW beam clamp comes without a hoisting eye.

Working load limits from 2 tonne up to 5 tonne.

IPTKW dimensions

ModelWorking load limit (t)Weight each (KG)Dimensions (mm)
Without hoisting eye
IPTKW2475-190A + 80125/2825//
IPTKW34.575-190A + 80125/2825//
IPTKW46.3150-280A + 100125/3335//
IPTKW58.8120-350A + 195125/3340//
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