1000KG Mobile Gantry Crane

1000KG Mobile Gantry Crane

3000kg mobile gantry crane

3000kg Mobile Gantry Crane

2000KG Mobile Gantry Crane

With a two tonne safe working limit, this portable mobile gantry crane system can be built around your needs and is capable of handling heavy loads safely and efficiently.

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Manufactured by our in-house team of engineering experts, it is just one of the many high quality products that we supply.

2000kg Mobile Gantry Crane Features

Our 2000kg made to measure mobile gantry can be manufactured to any size up to a maximum of 4.5m under the top beam and 5m span (between the side frames). The span will be the maximum length of the beam that is workable, i.e. the distance a beam trolley can travel.

We only use high quality castors on our mobile gantry systems. The wheels are made from polyamide which will not break under heavy loads and are resistant to saline water, acidic solutions and detergents. As standard we use 2 standard swivel castors and 2 with brakes, though we can fit all 4 with brakes if you require.

Painted in Trafalgar blue as standard for a smooth, hard wearing finish; other colours may be available so please state your preference at time of ordering.

2000kg Portable Gantry Safety Advice

Although these devices are called mobile lifting gantries you should be aware that they should not be move whilst carrying a load, this can cause the load to swing out; if this happens, not only could it injure a person, but it will make the gantry itself unstable and could potentially tip over.

It is important to follow safe lifting regulations when using any mobile lifting gantry. The mobility of our gantries is clearly a convenience and a key selling point, but you should avoid the temptation to use them incorrectly or cut any corners. Also, remember to invest in the right safety equipment for employees that will be using a lifting gantry. We sell various types of protective gear on our site so there is no excuse for not having the right kit available.

2000kg Mobile Lifting Gantry Accessory Options

Catenary wires to hold electric cables; knockout boxes to instantly cut the power supply in emergencies and parking jacks to help to level out un-even ground are all available as optional extras on our 2000kg mobile gantry.

Parking jacks are not essential for standard portable gantry use, but if the terrain where you are intending to use the lifting gantry is not level, then you should really add them to your order. Each jack can be adjusted individually to cope with dips, divots and inclines when you are trying to work.

If you are looking for electric hoists, clamps or any other accessories, our site is full of excellent products that will fit the bill; you just need to search to find what you are looking for.

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2000KG Mobile Gantry Crane dimensions

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