Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm | Swing Jib Crane

Under braced 125kg jib crane with 5mtr under beam x 3mtr arm

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Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

Part of our extensively customisable 125kg jib crane range, this example pairs a 5 metre under beam measurement with a shorter three metre arm. Such a setup could be ideal for your needs, whichever mounting option you pick.

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Built to order 125kg Jib crane 5x3m

This crane shares our site with hundreds of other completely configurable LGD equipment options. We use exceptional materials, modern manufacturing techniques and skilled workers to produce great products of all shapes and sizes.

In this case of our 5x3 metre jib crane with a 125kg capacity, you can make your needs known to us and factor in extras like beam attachments and hoists.

Thanks to the underbracing of the arm, there is no extra height to be concerned with. Our overbraced jib cranes could be superior, so long as headroom is not a problem.

Other Swing Jib Crane & lifting equipment options

A floor mounted jib crane is suitable for some lifting operations, but not for others. Wall and column mounted options are also available to suit your needs. We can also supply floor cranes or mobile gantries for improved manoeuvrability and convenience. We can provide wire rope products to add to an assembly which is already in place. Whichever products hit the spot for you, Lifting Gear Direct will be able to help.

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The LGD team can tackle your questions, give you competitive quotes and provide useful guidance when you call 01384 76961 or complete our enquiry form online.

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SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
125KG 5000mm 3000mm