Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm | Swing jib Crane

Under braced 125kg jib crane with 5mtr under beam x 5mtr arm

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Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm

Under braced 125KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm

There is no larger underbraced 125kg jib crane available from Lifting Gear Direct than this 5x5 metre model. If height and reach are important for your light-duty lifting responsibilities, this is the model to set your sights on.

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Features of this 125kg Jib Crane 5x5m

The 5 metre under beam measurement, combined with the 5 metre arm, make this jib crane a little more practical than its smaller stable mates.

Add in things like beam attachments and lifting accessories so that we can conjure up a complete assembly that will provide years of uninterrupted performance, with the proper inspection routine followed, of course.

The underbraced nature of this crane ensures that even with its significant height, it will still sit low enough to avoid coming in contact with overhead obstacles. Our overbraced crane range takes a different approach, removing the obstruction to the beam below but increasing the assembly height as a trade-off.

Genuine customisation of our Swing Jib Cranes

It is important to appreciate that this 5x5 metre underbraced crane is just a small part of our extensive own-brand lifting gear range. You can get cranes and gantries of all sizes right here, so search our site and see what we have to offer.

Need a helping hand with your floor mounted jib crane?

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SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
125KG 5000mm 5000mm