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Under braced 250kg jib crane with 4mtr under beam x 3mtr arm

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Under braced 250KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

Under braced 250KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

For added height and moderate reach, this specific example of our 250kg jib crane range comes up trumps. It can still handle loads of up to a quarter of a tonne safely and efficiently, while the underbracing keeps it clear of overhead obstacles

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What you need to know about the 250kg 4x3 mtr Jib Crane

The vital statistics of this jib crane are effectively outlined in its description. The 250kg capacity is achieved with a four metre under beam measurement and a three metre arm. Our engineers will add the underbracing to keep it sturdy and stable at all times, competing with our overbraced jib cranes and giving operators more flexibility and choice.

Other things to consider with a floor mounted swing Jib

The primary perk of perusing our own-brand lifting gear range and deciding to order with us is that you can pick and choose from the features you want added.

Many of our crane and gantry systems are completely customisable, affording you the privilege of selecting any add-ons that will enhance the experience of ownership. Aside from simply adjusting the under beam and arm measurements, you can include accessories, attachments and equipment.

How to contact us

We offer fast email replies to any question you might have, as well as allowing you to talk to our team via the phone when you call us on 01384 76961.

SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
250KG 4000mm 3000mm