Under braced 250KG Jib Crane - 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm | 5x5 Swing Jibs

Under braced 250kg jib crane with 5mtr under beam x 5mtr arm

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Under braced 250KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm

Under braced 250KG Jib Crane with 5MTR Under beam x 5MTR Arm

At Lifting Gear Direct we pride ourselves on making truly bespoke jib cranes. This underbraced 250kg model comes with a 5x5 metre beam and arm configuration, augmenting your ability to lug heavy loads and avoid injury.

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Many perks to 5x5 Jib Crane leverage

A working load limit of 250kg may not seem like much, but for smaller scale lifting operations it will be more than enough. This crane’s 5 metre under beam measurement also means that its lifting height is excellent, giving you the power to lift larger objects without encountering issues.

The underbracing of the arm does slightly reduce the usable length of the beam, but since you can also find overbraced cranes of many capacities on our site, this is not a problem.

Our other Swing Jib Crane products

If you have been browsing the Lifting Gear Direct site, you may have seen a plethora of potential equipment options available. What you might not realise is that these can be supplied alongside your underbraced jib crane, with everything produced and installed by our expert team.

This takes the hassle out of getting the perfect lifting assembly, with our bespoke service keeping customers happy.

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SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
250KG 5000mm 5000mm