Under braced 500KG 3MTR Under beam x 4MTR Arm | 3x4 500kg Swing Jib

Under braced 500kg 3mtr under beam x 4mtr arm

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Under braced 500KG 3MTR Under beam x 4MTR Arm

Under braced 500KG 3MTR Under beam x 4MTR Arm

Packed with potential, this half-tonne WLL underbraced jib crane is one of the many custom products we can assemble for you. Its 3x4 metre configuration gives it decent reach while keeping the height down so that it will work well in compact environments.

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Lifting capabilities of this Swing Jib Crane

Our 500kg underbraced jib crane range is literally made to measure, in that you can tell us the size of crane you require and we can construct it for you. Our experts will also install, test and inspect it for complete peace of mind.

The underbracing of this crane means that the 3 metre under beam height is completely at your disposal. Overbraced cranes are also available, although these are not as convenient if you do not have a lot of headroom to work with.

The 500kg capacity of this particular crane is enough to satisfy the needs of many smaller operations, although you can also find models with limits of up to 3000kg.


Are you in need of beam attachments? Let us know when ordering your jib crane and we can add them for you. Do you require an electric hoist to make moving loads less draining? These and many other types of equipment are supplied by Lifting Gear Direct.

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SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
500KG 3000mm 4000mm