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Under braced 500KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

Under braced 500KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Under beam x 3MTR Arm

Providing up to half a tonne of safe lifting potential, this underbraced jib craneis the most compact model we offer in this particular capacity category.

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 Since you can customise your order with Lifting Gear Direct, there are hundreds of configurations available.

What does underbracing offer?

Whichever 500kg WLL jib crane you select, the same perks of underbracing are present. Such a setup ensures that you can make maximal use of the lifting height, which in this case is 3 metres. Low ceilings, which can be the bane of overbraced jib cranes, will prove no obstacle to this model.

The thing to remember about underbracing is that part of the beam will be blocked. As such any trolleys you add will have a slight restriction on their movement.

Are there other options?

At LGD we provide compelling lifting solutions of all types, so our jib cranes are just a taste of what is on offer.

Lifting gantries, hoists, load restraints and even height safety kit can all be found right here. This lets you choose precisely the products you require, as well as being able to get bespoke assemblies of all sizes.

How do I contact LGD?

Call 01384 76961 or head to our contact page if you want to get in touch and place an order. Our sales team can offer advice and give you a quote as required.

SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
500KG 3000mm 3000mm