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Under braced 500KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Under beam x 3.5MTR Arm

Under braced 500KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Under beam x 3.5MTR Arm

There is no need to raise the roof when you pick an underbraced jib crane; our custom creations will fit in tighter spaces without compromising on lift height.

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 This 4x3.5 metre model has a 500kg load capacity and can be decked out with lifting equipment of your choice.

Fulfil your lifting ambitions

A jib crane can make a big difference to your well-planned lifting operations, taking the strain off employees and ensuring hefty loads are managed in a streamlined fashion.

The four metre under beam height of this example is well suited to certain tasks, such as shifting equipment in workshops and handling cargo in warehouses. Meanwhile the 3.5 metre arm length will ensure that it does not get blocked by structural elements when deployed indoors.

Take things a step further

 Flesh out your order with Lifting Gear Direct by including extra kit to create a comprehensive solution to all of your handling needs. We stock a full range of beam attachments, hoists and lifting slings for customers that require them, deploying the latest techniques to manufacture and install our bespoke assemblies.

What next?

Now that you know about our excellent jib crane line up, why not give us a bell on 01384 76961 or drop an email to our team via our website?

SWL Height Under Beam Arm Length
500KG 4000mm 3500mm