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Wall Mounted 125KG Jib Crane with 3.5MTR Arm

Wall Mounted 125KG Jib Crane with 3.5MTR Arm

Offering half a meter of additional reach over our smallest 125kg capacity jib crane, this 3.5 metre model is wall mounted for convenience and can be customised in whatever way you want, with Lifting Gear Direct s made-to-measure approach paying dividends for customers with unique needs.

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 Benefits & features 

Formed using high quality materials, meticulously measured to match the precise dimensions advertised and installed by our team so that it is safe and secure, this wall mounted jib crane has lot to offer.

The 125kg working load limit is the lowest we provide for this type of lifting equipment, so should suit smaller operations in workshops where you want to avoid the dangers of handling heavier items manually.

Other jib crane designs

We make bespoke crane systems of many kinds, offering wall, floor and column mounting according to customer requirements.

You can also add hoisting kit,lifting accessories and a lot of other useful components to your order. We work tirelessly to ensure that everything is up to standard and will help customers come to a decision about which style of equipment is the best fit for their lifting operations.

How to get in touch with us

You can speak with a lifting equipment expert on our team through a number of platforms. Call 01384 76961 if a phone conversation is your preferred method of communication. Send an email to us by using our contact form and await a reply which will be sent as soon as possible.


SWL Arm Length
125KG 3500mm