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Wall mounted 125kg jib crane with 3mtr arm

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Wall Mounted 125KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Arm

Wall Mounted 125KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Arm

Choose our 125kg capacity wall mounted jib crane and opt for a custom-made model that has a 3 metre arm to make sure it fits perfectly into the available space on your premises.

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Why choose a wall mounted jib crane?

Jib cranes can perform a range of tasks, with different mounting options available here at Lifting Gear Direct. A wall mounted unit is unobtrusive, keeping the floor free from support beams, while still providing the load capacity and reach that you require.

With a working load limit of 125kg and a span of 3 metres, this wall mounted jib is one of the most compact and lightweight options we provide. It can be chosen if your lifting needs are modest and can still be a productive addition to a workshop when paired with hoists, lifting slings and other useful accessories.

Our extra services

As well as being made to last, our wall mounted jib cranes comply with relevant regulations and can be inspected annually by our team to ensure that they remain safe, secure and fully operational.

Ordering a custom jib crane with LGD is an excellent way to boost your productivity, avoid manual handling injuries and choose exactly the kind of lifting setup you want.

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SWL Arm Length
125KG 3000mm