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Wall Mounted 250KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Arm

Wall Mounted 250KG Jib Crane with 4MTR Arm

Delivering a range-topping reach of 4 metres, this wall mounted jib crane is larger than some of its siblings while still being build to the same high standards and with the same attention to detail.

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Design benefits

Part of our 250kg jib crane range, this wall mounted model has a solid load capacity without being so bulky in its own right that it cannot be installed in more compact spaces. The 4 metre radius of the arm lets you handle loads in a straightforward fashion and it means you no longer have to struggle with heavy items manually, but can remain safe and improve the efficiency of your operations in one fell swoop.

Our line up of jib cranes includes column and floor mounted models to go along with this wall mounted example. Load limits go right up to 3000kg, so organisations with bulkier items to move can still get what they need from Lifting Gear Direct.


Changing your jib crane order to reflect your requirements is simple. We can include hoisting equipment, loose tackle, lifting slings and a host of other products to make sure that the setup that is created will be tailor made to your circumstances.

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SWL Arm Length
250KG 4000mm