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Wall mounted 500kg jib crane with 3mtr arm

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Wall Mounted 500KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Arm

Wall Mounted 500KG Jib Crane with 3MTR Arm

Handle payloads of up to half a tonne with our wall mounted jib crane range that includes this model with a 3 metre arm and an impressive degree of adaptability.

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Features of note

Each of our own-brand jib cranes can be ordered in a number of different sizes and configurations. With a convenient wall mounting option, this 500kg capacity unit has lots of productivity-boosting features to offer operators.

The load limit alone is a selling point, as it means that heavier items which are currently a pain to manoeuvre because of their weight can easily be handled while also reducing the risks of injury to staff. 

With high quality materials used to construct this crane, it should stand the test of time, especially thanks to our annual inspection services. Wall mounting has its own benefits, including taking up less space than a comparable floor mounted jib crane.

Adding lifting gear

With our crane and gantry systems it makes sense to order the right equipment to go along with each unit. Lifting Gear Direct will supply key components such as hoists, as well as accessories like lifting slings and shackles, according to your requirements. Our unbeatable selection of products should set you up for years of efficient lifting.

How to get in touch

A quick chat with the LGD team is all you need to learn about our 500kg jib crane with a 3 metre arm, or get a quote for any one of our products. Call 01384 76961 or send us an email to contact our friendly sales specialists.


SWL Arm Length
500KG 3000mm