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5000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span

For a lifting platform that represents the ultimate in versatility, choose our 5x3 metre 5000kg mobile gantry.   It offers our maximum under beam height in conjunction with our minimum in-frame span and is completely customisable, just like all of our own-brand solutions.
  • Brand:: Lifting Gear Direct (LGD)
  • Product Code: 5000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 5MTR Under beam x 3MTR Span
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Give 5000kg mobile lifting gantries a go

A lifting gantry might not be your immediate choice when looking for lifting equipment. However, since we can build mobile gantries that are able to be used much more flexibly than jib cranes, you might want to take a moment to reconsider.

Boasting a full 5 tonnes of load capacity, along with a tall, narrow 5x3 metre construction, this model is moved via castors we install at each corner. You can make even more of this assembly if you choose to factor in catenaries, parking jacks and other extras that Lifting Gear Direct can install ahead of delivery.

Increase productivity with a 5 tonne mobile gantry

When you buy a mobile gantry with us, why not also invest in top notch equipment from our extensive supply? As with the basic accessories, we can install electric hoists, affix any attachments and generally customise everything to your liking.

Order your 5000kg mobile gantry today

Kick start the production of your ideal mobile gantry by emailing LGD or speaking with our experienced employees by calling our sales hotline on 01384 76961.

SWL Height Under Beam  Span
5000KG 5000mm 3000mm