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5000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span

You can address whatever lifting issues that are impacting your business thanks to the aid of our bespoke 5tonne mobile gantries. Available with a load limit of 5000kg, this 5x4 metre configuration is the second largest example we produce.
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  • Product Code: 5000KG Mobile Lifting Gantry with 5MTR Under beam x 4MTR Span
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Handle heavy loads with a 5000kg mobile gantry

Making a lifting gantry mobile makes a lot of sense if you never know where it will be needed on-site. With the help of hard wearing castors, this 5 tonne capacity assembly can be pushed into the position where it is needed in no time. Uneven ground conditions can even be accommodated if you decide to add parking jacks, making it all the more appealing.

The bottom of the horizontal beam sits a full five metres off the ground, while the space between the supporting frame components of this model measures 4 metres in width. Such a combination is appropriate if the shape and size of the loads you intend to handle necessitates it.

Why stop there?

Since our crane and gantry systems are built to order, you can go all-out with the customisation of your model. From chain blocks to beam attachments, the choice is endless when you order from Lifting Gear Direct.

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SWL Height Under Beam  Span
5000KG 5000mm 4000mm